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Golden Boy withdraws Peterson-Khan appeal, IBF hearing cancelled

Golden Boy Promotions has withdrawn its appeal of the IBF/WBA junior welterweight bout between Amir Khan and  Lamont Peterson, which Peterson won by disputed split-decision.

The move occurred just prior to 5 p.m. ET on Tuesday, cancelling a Wednesday IBF hearing in New Jersey during which testimony was to be heard by officials from Golden Boy on behalf of Khan seeking to overturn the decision or else to order an immediate rematch on the grounds that the fight was poorly officiated and that there were scorecard descrepancies.

(Click here to see the documents filed as part of the appeal)

“At approximately 4:50 PM, EST, the IBF received notice that Golden Boy Promotions withdrew their appeal of the Khan-Peterson bout,” wrote IBF publicist Jeanette Salazar in an e-mail to RingTV.com.

“The hearing that was scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled. We have not received any further information on this decision by Golden Boy Promotions.”

Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer said that he expressed concern to IBF President, Daryl Peoples, that the hearing was not going to offer Khan’s side of the argument to be fairly expressed.

“You have certain officials who were going to be there telling their side of the story, and you have others which were not going to be there, and I think that the bottom line is that that would result in a one-sided story, and I have shared my views on this particular subject with the IBF President Daryl Peoples a couple of weeks ago,” Schaefer told RingTV.com.

“I told him that if he was in fact going to have certain people there, and others not, then that does not sound to me as if there was a fully transparent meeting because only part of the story was going to to be told. So I to not see any reason to participate in such a process. That’s basically what it is.”

Schaefer did not elaborate on the specifics of his assertion.

“We feel that it makes no sense to go forward,” said Schaefer, “but to, instead, use the time and the energy to focus on Amir’s next fight. So we have decided to withdraw from the hearing and to focus on Amir’s next fight.”

Salazar said the request was made by attorney Arnold Joseph on behalf of Golden Boy Promotions.

“For now, it’s off, and they’ve withdrawn the appeal. We do not know if they will want to do it over again,” said Salazar. “As of now, basically, what it means is that what was going to take place tomorrow is done.”

When asked if Peterson will remain the IBF titleholder, Salazar said, “Absolutely.”

Some of the issues involved IBF affiliate Mustafa Ameen, whose ringside behavior during the Dec. 10 bout was caught on video and seemed to include his picking up a yellow scoring slip near WBA ringside scoring official Michael Welsh.

Peterson edged Khan, 113-112, on the official cards of judges George Hill, of New Jersey, and Valerie Dorsett, of North Carolina, and lost, 115-110, on the card of Nelson Vazquez from Puerto Rico.

(View the scorecards by clicking here)

The WBA has ordered a return bout and has granted Peterson 10 days from Jan. 14 to appeal the organization’s mandate. Ameen was to address his actions at the IBF hearing.

“We are happy that we have been vindicated by the WBA’s decision, which ordered an immediate rematch,” said Schaefer. “We hope that Lamont Peterson will honor his earlier commitment where he stated that he would be happy to agree to a rematch.”

Peterson earned a career-best $650,000 to Khan’s $1.1 million in their first bout, and is reportedly being considered for a clash opposite WBO welterweight beltholder Manny Pacquiao, along with WBC welterweight titleholder Floyd Mayweather Jr., WBA junior middleweight beltholder Miguel Cotto, WBO lightweight titleholder Juan Manuel Marquez, and WBO junior welterweight titleholder Tim Bradley.

Peterson, who has also been mentioned by Marquez as a potential opponent, was initially offered $1 million by Schaefer to face Khan in a return bout.

“Amir Khan really wants the rematch, and he would agree to a 50-50 split of world wide revenues and United Kingdom revenues,” said Schaefer.

“So we hope that this will be both financially and professionally satisfying to Lamont Peterson and his team, and that we can get the rematch going. So that’s where our focus is going to be.”

Schaefer was on the telephone with Peterson’s Washington-based attorney, Jeff Fried, when Fried was contacted by RingTV.com.

“They’re going to send an offer for a rematch where they will give us 50-50 worldwide,” said Fried. “That’s what he said. So we look forward to considering it.”

As for Peterson, his options are now up to his own choosing.

“We’re pleased that Lamont can now make his own decisions on what his future will be about and to not be dictated to by someone else’s personal agenda. [Peterson’s trainer] Barry Hunter, Lamont and the entire Peterson team woud not tolerate Khan and Golden Boy trying to force a rematch them,” said Fried.

“It may make the most sense, but let it be done through good faith negotiations and not efforts to dictate. With all of the bad-mouthing that they did about Washington, D.C., the Peterson team took the high road and went about its business. If the rematch materializes, Washington, D.C. would be the perfect site.”

Former betlholder Zab Judah will meet unbeaten junior welterweight counterpart Vernon Paris in an IBF eliminator on March 24 for the top position to face Peterson.

Judah (41-7, 28 KOs) earned the IBF belt by seventh-round knockout over Kaizer Mabuza in March of last year before Khan dethroned him by fifth-round stoppage. Paris is 26-0, with 15 knockouts.

Top Rank Promotions CEO Bob Arum is considering Peterson for Pacquiao as well as Marquez and Bradley, the latter of whom decisioned Peterson for his WBO belt in December of 2009.

“Peterson is a candidate for Marquez, Bradley or Pacquiao,” said Arum. “No question about it.”

Marquez agreed.

“I would like a fight with Lamont Peterson for my fourth title,” said Marquez. “Lamont Peterson is a great fighter because he won over Amir Khan, who is another good fighter. So Lamont Peterson is a great fighter for me to fight.”


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