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Q&A: Alexander says his fight with Maidana is worth the weight

RingTV.com: Are there any similarities between Maidana and Matthysse?

DA: Yeah, both of them come forward, and both of them are just going to throw bombs all night. I think that Maidana is a little bit more intense than Matthysse, though.

Matthysse is more crafty and has a little bit more finesse than Maidana. But Maidana comes in straight forward with no finesse. 

Maidana just comes in and goes on the warpath, but we know what to expect. So I’m going to definitely be ready for Maidana.alt

RingTV.com: How hard was it to make 140 those last two or three fights at that weight?

DA: It was really hard to make the weight at 140 those last couple of fights. When I first started out professionally, I was making 140 easily. But as time went on, it kept getting harder and harder, and I wasn’t able to make it so well, and I wasn’t able to even eat during the week of the fight.

So it began to get harder and harder, and it began to take it’s toll on my performances and the way that I fought. I’m definitely excited to be at 147, and you will see that. Because, you know, with me not having the legs for my fights at 140, that was causing me not to be able to be at 100 percent.

That was causing me to not be able to follow the game plan and do what I was supposed to do. These extra pounds will definitely give me more of an edge, so, I’m definitely excited to be up at 147. I’m definitely going to be smarter in this fight with Maidana, and you’re definitely going to see more power.

I’m telling you, you’re going to see my legs are back, and you’re going to see more energy and more balance. They’re not going to be able to touch me. You’ll see that 147 is where I belong.

RingTV.com: Did you take anything away or learn anything from Maidana’s fights against Khan, Kotelnik or Corley?

DA: My opinion with Maidana is that Amir Khan was running. I’ve looked at all of his tapes and I’m studying them, and I’m saying that you really don’t have to run. I know that Maidana is expecting me to run, but you don’t really have to run from Maidana.

You just have to be smart and use angles and all of that. But Amir Khan, that’s all he did was run, which is why Maidana was able to catch him on the end of his punches.

But I’m telling you, my fight with Maidana is going to be way different. I don’t want to give away too many secrets. But it’s going to be a good fight. I’m going to be ready. It’s going to be a great fight.


RingTV.com: What did you see out of Maidana during your stare down at the press conference?

DA: I saw that he looked kind of chubby. He needs to come down in weight, so he’s not in shape yet. But me, I stay in shape. I stay fit. So I’m going to be ready.



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