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Q&A: Cotto’s advisor confirms talks with Mayweather, Pacquiao


Miguel Cotto’s advisor, Gaby Penagaricano, confirmed that “general” discussions have taken place with the camps of welterweight titleholders Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao regarding potential bouts against Cotto if Mayweather-Pacquiao does not come to fruition.

RingTV.com reported that WBA junior middleweight beltholder Cotto had agreed to terms, other than resolving a few minor details, that would allow for a rematch with WBO welterweight beltholder Pacquiao. An announcement could come as early as Monday.

But Penagaricano said there has been “nothing concrete yet” concerning a return bout with Pacquiao, which sources say could take place on June 9 in Las Vegas at either the Thomas & Mack Center or the MGM Grand.

Cotto has won three straight fights by knockout since being stopped in the 12th round by Pacquiao in November of 2009, and earlier this week seemed to be the frontrunner among Pacquiao’s list of likely opponents, which also included Juan Manuel Marquez, Lamont Peterson and Tim Bradley.

Meanwhile, Marquez’s promoter, Fernando Beltran, told RingTV.com on Friday that Marquez is targeting a rise in weight to challenge Peterson following a tuneup fight on March 17 in a newly-constructed venue in Mexico City.

All of the above depends on whether or not a deal can be worked out for Pacquiao to face Mayweather, a bout for which negotiations have failed repeatedly over a variety of issues.

Penagaricano shared his perspective below:

RingTV.com: Can you clarify whether or not you have heard from the Mayweather camp?

Gaby Penagaricano: They have not made an offer for the fight. I’ve been asked the question many times.

And also, with Floyd, I’m sure that with his handlers — whom I have an excellent relationship with — they also need to consider that if the Pacquiao fight is not happening, who they’re going to fight.

I’m sure that on that list, there is Miguel Cotto. We have generally discussed that as a potential reality, but only in generalities. Nothing concrete yet. It may turn into a more concrete discussion.

RingTV.com: When you say that “we” have discussed, to whom are you referring?

GP: Absolutely, me and the handlers of Floyd Mayweather. Al Haymon.

RingTV.com: Can you clarifiy your discussions with Top Rank and Pacquiao?

GP: We, of course, also, the same. Meaning there is nothing concrete. Now if Pacquiao is not fighting Mayweather, it’s obviously an option that they will fight again.

Bob Arum has said that repeatedly and we have certainly discussed that as a reality.  But we haven’t even begun to discuss any type of terms for the fight.

RingTV.com: So is it accurate to solidly say that Cotto is a high option for both Mayweather and Pacquiao should they not face each other?

GP: Yes. My opinion is that yes, from their perspective, I think that they both have Miguel Cotto as an option for sure. So we have discussed with both parties the possibility of a fight, but only in generalities as of today.

We will see how the events turn going into this week. But as of today, there has been no agreement as to any part of a financial deal regarding a fight with Pacquiao.


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