Lee Groves

The 12 best fights never made from flyweight to heavyweight

Light heavyweight – Virgil Hill vs. Prince Charles Williams

Best time to make this fight: October of 1990

Reasons: The 26-year-old Hill and the 28-year-old Williams were close to their respective zeniths and each had easily filled holes in their schedules. Hill was three months removed from a 12-round win over Tyrone Frazier and on October 27 he stopped Frank Minton in a non-title go – a date Williams could have easily filled. As for Williams, he stopped Frankie Swindell on an eighth-round corner retirement in January 1990, then stopped Bert Gravely during an August tune-up. Perhaps Williams would have pushed back the Gravely match to accommodate an October unification with Hill or his management might have scrapped that fight to give the promoters ample time to hype the match.

Why this fight made the list: They were the two longest-reigning champions at the time, and their contrasting styles – Hill the boxer and Williams the heavier-handed boxer-puncher – promised good action. To this point, both had held titles since 1987 (Hill in September, Williams in October) and had registered nine and four defenses respectively. In 1990 they were the two most experienced in terms of high-level competition, which is why they leap-frogged over several other candidates.

What might have happened: Hill fought only one way – stick and move – but he did it exceedingly well. He made a career of piling up points and thoroughly frustrating his more aggressive but less defensively responsible opponents. Such would be the case here as the slippery and sharp “Quicksilver” captures a unanimous decision.

Honorable mention: Any combination of Hill, Williams, Michael Moorer and Jeff Harding, with a dash of Dennis Andries to make everything even more interesting. Bobby Czyz vs. Thomas Hearns.

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