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Arum considering 4-man tournament for Pacquiao

RingTV.com: But you want a Cotto fight at this point?

BA: As for Cotto, we met with him on Monday. Obviously, he has been saying that there is a problem with the weight at 147 pounds, and that that may not be resolvable.

I wouldn’t say that that is a minor detail, so it’s not nearly a done deal and it’s not close to a done deal, and it may very well not happen. Everybody has to figure that out for themselves.

RingTV.com: So where does that leave Pacquiao at this point?

BA: Manny is fighting on June 9, without any question, and the question about who he is going to fight is still to be determined.

RingTV.com: What scenario do you see for Marquez and Peterson?

BA: Fernando is meeting with Marquez today, and Barry just called me, so I’ve got to call him back. I don’t know Barry’s views on that fight. I’ve never spoken to him about that.

I’m going to call him right now.  I’ll speak with him later this morning. We could have a tournament. Let’s say that if Mayweather doesn’t ever come to the table, which is a possibility.

Then let’s say that Manny fights Bradley because Cotto has a problem with the weight, then Marquez fights Peterson, and the winner of that fights fights the winner of Pacquiao-Bradley if that’s the fight that we make.

We want to sign a contract for the November fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather within the next two weeks in order to give us enough lead time subject to each of them winning their two interim fights. 

This tournament won’t take place if we’re able to do that. I want to make it plain that a fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather is my first priority.

So a lot of things have to happen, like if the Mayweather fight with Pacquiao can’t happen in November If there is no Cotto because of the weight, if there is no Mayweather because of the craziness, and Pacquiao fights Bradley — if –and then Marquez fights Peterson around the same time on two different pay per view shows, why wouldn’t I make the winners against each other if a November fight can’t be made with Mayweather?

RingTV.com: Beltran told me that you were looking at Cowboys Stadium for Marquez-Peterson?

BA: That is correct. Marquez and Peterson would be the main event. Absolutely. Marquez did tremendous numbers with Pacquiao, and a lot of Mexicans think that he won the fight.

There is a large Mexican population in Dallas, and Marquez is a big hero in Mexico and with the Mexican-Americans, and with the right prices, it would draw very well. It would be a great card.


RingTV.com: Where would that leave Cotto, fighting Chavez, if not Mayweather?

BA: Cotto could fight Mayweather or Cotto could fight Chavez, yeah, sure.

RingTV.com: How would you make a Cotto-Chavez fight when Chavez is so big?

BA: Chavez would have to come to 158.


Photo by Chris Farina, Top Rank Inc.

Photo by Tom Hogan, Hogan Photos/Golden Boy Promotions

Photo by Chris Farina, Top Rank Inc.

Photo by Delane Rouse, Hogan Photos/Golden Boy Promotions

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