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Lem’s latest: Pacquiao-Bradley, Marquez-Peterson broached; Cotto eyes Mayweather

Arum said that Marquez-Peterson would be targeted for The Dallas Cowboys Stadium, pitting a Mexican star against a athlete in Peterson who considers Marquez to be his favorite fighter.

“Marquez and Peterson would be the main event. Absolutely. Marquez did tremendous numbers with Pacquiao, and a lot of Mexicans think that he won the fight,” said Arum.

“There is a large Mexican population in Dallas, and Marquez is a big hero in Mexico and with the Mexican-Americans, and with the right prices, it would draw very well.”

Peterson, who is 27, and his brother, Anthony, a lightweight standout who is 26, fended for themselves growing up in the streets of Southeast Washington, D.C.

Starting at the ages of 5 and 6, after their father was jailed on drug charges, and their mother was left to care for seven children, they went from foster care to the streets and back.

For money, they washed car windows or resorted to stealing from grocery stores, becoming pick pockets, swiping tips off of the tables at outdoor restaurants, or things such as stealing bicycles and selling them until meeting Hunter.

“You need story lines to promote events, and you need story lines to resonate the truth,” said Arum. “So Lamont Peterson fits into an unbelievable story line which, in my opinion, will resonate with the public.”

Neither Hunter nor Peterson could be reached for comment. It is unclear whether or not Peterson will go through with his filed appeal against the WBA’s order for an immediate rematch Khan.

The WBA’s order came in response to Khan’s appeal seeking to overturn the victory or get an order for an immediate rematch on the grounds that the fight was poorly officiated and that there were scorecard descrepancies.

Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer has offered Peterson “a 50-50 split of world wide revenues and United Kingdom revenues” in the hopes of securing a rematch with Khan after having initially offered $1 million to Peterson for a return bout. Peterson earned a career-best $650,000 to Khan’s $1.1 million in their first bout.alt

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