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Q&A: Chavez Jr. ready to get rough with Rubio

RingTV.com: Do you agree with Roach that Rubio could be your most difficult opponent?

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.: I have always believed that Sebastian Zbik was the best fighter I have faced so far, and that Rubio, because of his experience, will be the next toughest. But I wont know until I face him in the ring.

RingTV.com: What skills does Rubio bring to the table — tough chin, power, durability?

JCC: He is vey experienced and has power. He is a tough guy in the ring.

RingTV.com: Does anyone you have already fought compare favorably to Rubio in style?

JCC: I think John Duddy and Matt Vanda come to mind, but Rubio comes with more power and more experience than those guys.

RingTV.com: What was your overall assessment of your knockout over Manfredo?

JCC: I felt good about the win because of the way it turned out. Everyone expected a much longer and difficult fight for me.

But I had a great camp and I was able to execute the plan that we worked on during training camp and that is always a good thing.

RingTV.com: Do you see a scenario in which you will be able to box him or do you see a situation in which you will have to stand and fight on occasion?

JCC: I will be ready to fight him at any time during the fight. We are going to box and move just like we did with Manfredo.

But I also see myself exchanging punches at some time in the fight, and I always want to give the fans something to get excited about and that they will enjoy.

RingTV.com: Whom do you expect to be the bigger man and to weigh more by the time that you enter the ring?

JCC: I’m not sure about that. I know that I need to be able to move and box, and I don’t want to be too heavy on fight night.

RingTV.com: If you are victorious, Roach said that he believed that a fight with either Canelo Alvarez or Miguel Cotto would be right for you. Which of the two do you prefer first and why?

JCC: I will fight either one. Cotto is a bigger name, but the Mexican people want to see me fight Alvarez. It makes no difference to me as long as the money is right.

RingTV.com: Can you discuss the merits and your desire to face Alvarez?

JCC: Its a big fight in Mexico, and is a fight we both want. I believe that we both are still young, and a fight between us could be bigger later on. But we both are ready for the fight


RingTV.com: Can you discuss the merits of fighting Cotto and your desire to face the Puerto Rican veteran?

JCC: Cotto is a great champion, and it would be a great opportunity for me to face him. Any time we have a Mexican and a Puerto Rican facing each other, it brings the fights to another level. I would love to fight Cotto next.


Photos by Chris Farina, Top Rank Inc.

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