Lee Groves

10: Presidential-boxer pairings

10. Gerald Ford (1974-1977) and Patrick Ford (1976-1987, 19-4 with 12 knockouts)

Although President Ford was depicted as clumsy by “Saturday Night Live’s” Chevy Chase, he was arguably the most athletic president. As a star linebacker, Ford helped Michigan to back-to-back national championships (1932-33) and the school retired his jersey in 1994. In later life he was an avid golfer and though he sprayed his fair share of shots he did score a hole-in-one during a 1977 pro-am tournament. Ford is the only man to ascend to vice president and president without benefit of a popular vote, but despite his truncated 29-month stay in the Oval office, Ford is credited for restoring faith in the presidency following the scandal-plagued Nixon presidency.

Patrick Ford — along with Vivian Harris, Terrence Alli, Andrew “Six Heads” Lewis and Gairy St. Clair — is on the short list of the best boxers Guyana has ever produced. The native of Georgetown was 5-10 — unusually tall for a featherweight — and he used his height and long arms to push the legendary Salvador Sanchez to a majority decision in September 1980. That performance led to a second title shot against WBA champion Eusebio Pedroza five months later but the Panamanian took Ford’s measure en route to a 13th round KO. Other notable victims included Diego Acala (KO 9), Nelson Cruz Tamariz (KO 4) and Eddie Ndukwu (KO 8).

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