Lee Groves

10: Presidential-boxer pairings

8. John Adams (1797-1801)/John Quincy Adams (1825-1829) and Clarence “Bones” Adams (1990-2010, 44-7-4 with 20 knockouts)

The Adamses are the first of two father-son presidencies (the Bushes being the other) and both carried enormous historical impact. The elder Adams was one of the more prominent Founding Fathers and was hailed as a political theorist and diplomat as well as Washington’s vice president. Meanwhile, the son is considered one of the greatest diplomats in American history as he crafted the treaty that ended the War of 1812, negotiated the annexation of Florida from Spain and wrote the Monroe Doctrine.

Clarence Adams, better known as “Bones,” tried to create his own brand of history. First, he turned pro at age 15 and showed precocious ability even as his age limited the number of states he could campaign. Then, at age 18, he pushed longtime IBF bantamweight champion Orlando Canizales to the brink before a broken jaw forced his corner to surrender in round 11. At the time of the stoppage, he led by two points on all cards. Seven years later he captured the WBA 122-pound belt from Nestor Garza and made two defenses before vacating and losing wars to Paulie Ayala (twice) and Guty Espadas Jr.

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