Lee Groves

10: Presidential-boxer pairings

4. Andrew Jackson (1829-1837) and Julian Jackson (1981-1998, 55-6 with 49 knockouts)

The nation’s seventh president was one of U.S. history’s most polarizing figures. “Old Hickory” was irascible and aggressive, engaging in duels (obviously winning them all) and aggressively enforced the Indian Removal Act as president more than a decade after defeating the Creeks and Seminoles in battle. Still, he served two terms, survived an assassination attempt and was the only president to pay off the entire national debt.

Outside the ring, “The Hawk” had an easy smile, a gentle demeanor and an unshakable religious faith. But inside the ropes Jackson was arguably the greatest one-punch knockout artist in history. In starting his career 44-1, 42 victories were knockouts and 34 of those lasted four rounds or less. Unlike most bombers Jackson, who captured honors at 154 and 160, carried deadly power in both fists. A left hook had the usually durable Buster Drayton falling like a petrified oak and smashing rights left Herol Graham and Terry Norris wondering who and where they were. At times Jackson ruthlessly pointed his glove downward as his victims fell — a move that would have done his presidential counterpart proud.

Honorable mentions: Peter Jackson, John David Jackson, Tyrone Jackson, Clint Jackson and Freddie “The Pebble” Jackson.

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