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Price claims ‘chicken’ Fury is running scared

altUnbeaten English heavyweight David Price has labeled Tyson Fury a ‘chicken’ and ridiculed his countryman’s decision to vacate the British and Commonwealth titles in order to move to up to ‘world’ level.

After winning the English title last month, Liverpool contender Price, an Olympic silver medalist in 2008, was installed as mandatory challenger to face the also-undefeated Fury. However, despite some negotiations between the camps and two offers on the table, Fury this week ended all hopes of the fight happening any time soon by giving up both his belts.

Instead of taking on what would have been a guaranteed sell-out domestic clash against Price, the 6-foot-9 Manchester-based traveller claims he is ready for bigger and better things, higher up the heavyweight ladder.

altBut Price (12-0, 10 knockouts) believes that is just an excuse and Fury (17-0, 12 KOs ) has dodged him. He also dismisses the idea that his 23-year-old rival might actually be good enough to mix it up with the division’s elite just now.

It’s blatant to me and everyone else that he’s running scared,“ said the 28-year-old Merseysider. “It’s pretty obvious what has happened. Well, he’s got a new nickname now and that’s ‘Chicken’ Fury.

He says he’s going to move onto world level but I don’t know where he’s planning to go. There’s nothing available for him at world title level and I don’t think he’s ready for that. And that’s where he could get found out. My concern for Fury is he is so reckless in his fights and he thinks he is invincible. But he has found out in his last two fights that he is not. Maybe he’s going to be a bit more cautious from now on.

If they had really wanted the fight, they would have made a bid to stage the fight – but they didn‘t even attempt to win it. They weren’t going to fight, regardless. Their initial offer, after we made one just to see if they were interested, was just to save face. There was much more money in our purse and show. A substantial difference.

Either way, it would have been great and it‘s a shame because while I don‘t need Tyson Fury, I think British boxing needed this fight. The people really missing out are the fans.”

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