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Q&A Marquez: Pacquiao’s power trumps Bradley’s skills


When IBF/WBA junior welterweight titleholder Lamont Peterson accepted a rematch with Amir Khan, it left RING lightweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez without a lucrative fight in the forseeable future.

As part of a tournament format proposed by Top Rank CEO Bob Arum, Marquez had hoped to face Peterson in a clash that was being targeted for The Dallas Cowboys Stadium on July 14, with the winner to face either Manny Pacquiao or Tim Bradley depending on the result of their June 9 bout in Las Vegas.

Co-promoted by Fernando Beltran of Zanfer Promotions, Marquez’s last fight was a majority decision loss to Pacquiao in November, the third in a trilogy that includes a draw and another split-decision loss for Marquez.

In an interview with RingTV.com on Sunday, Marquez said he will likely face ex-beltholder David Diaz in April in his native Mexico City, and expressed his thoughts on what will happen with Pacquiao-Bradley. He said that he still holds out hope for a fourth bout with Pacquiao, among other things.

RingTV.com: Do you think that Bradley can beat Pacquiao?

Juan Manuel Marquez: I don’t think so, because even though Bradley is a great boxer, and he has skills, he needs the power. He (doesn’t) have that power.

Pacquiao has the speed and Pacquiao has the power. The difference in this fight is power. The difference will be the power punches that Pacquiao has.

RingTV.com: Do you still have any hope of getting a fourth fight with Pacquiao?

JMM: I really do not know what will happen with the Bradley-Pacquiao fight. That’s a tough fight for the two fighters … but I would like the winner of that fight, yes. Bob Arum said that it was a tournament. Like if I would have fought with Peterson, the winner would have fought Pacquiao or Bradley. The winners were going to fight. Now, I have to find another opponent.

RingTV.com: What are your thoughts about Peterson choosing Khan?

JMM: This is a rematch. I think when Peterson signed the contract, Peterson just wanted to give another opportunity to Khan. That’s why he did that.

RingTV.com: Are you frustrated by the fact that Peterson chose Khan?

JMM: No. I feel good. I tell you, if if Peterson signed the rematch, then, you know, he needs to go and do it. So I think that’s a good fight, with Peterson fighting Khan again.

RingTV.com: What are you going to do now?

JMM: I don’t know. I have to talk to my promter, Fernando Beltran, and Top Rank, but I don’t know what’s going to happen at this moment. I have some options, yes. Maybe I’ll fight in April in Mexico City. And then, maybe in July.


RingTV.com: Who would you like to fight in Mexico City, and then, who in July?

JMM: In Mexico, maybe, David Diaz. In July, I don’t have a name yet. But I would like to fight at Dallas Cowboys Stadium. That’s a great place, because there are a lot of Mexican people in Dallas.

Photo by Stacey Verbeek

Photo by Chris Farina, Top Rank Inc.

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