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Missouri commission to test Maidana, Alexander for steroids



Contursi denied pointing the finger at Alexander.

“We are not accusing anyone in particular, and we are not accusing directly, Alexander, or any other fighter,” Contursi told RingTV.com on Tuesday. “We are just saying that we hear rumors. We don’t want to accuse anyone. We are just saying that if you have the tools for the fight to be considered as healthy and transparent as possible, let’s use it, that’s all.”

“We were a little concerned that Team Alexander didn’t want to fight 12 rounds. They didn’t want to go for a 12-rounder, so we were a little concerned that maybe an anti-doping test wasn’t going to be performed because it was not a title fight. I think that it’s a good thing to be transparent.”

But in an e-mail obtained by RingTV.com to Lueckhenhoff, Contursi appears to be aiming a skeptical eye toward Alexander.

“We just want to make sure that an anti-doping test will be performed to both Marcos Maidana and Devon Alexander after their fight in St. Louis, Missouri next Feb. 25…,” wrote Contursi. “There are heavy rumors out there about possible use of PEDs, especially after what has happended last Feb. 4 in Texas on the JC Chavez Jr. vs. [Marco Antonio] Rubio fight.”

Contursi based his argument on concerns related to Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.’s successful defense of his WBC middleweight belt over Marco Antonio Rubio, on Feb. 4, after which the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations failed to test either fighter for drugs.

“We are sure that Team Alexander wants to erase that idea from the public opinion and boxing media,” wrote Contursi. “Team Maidana is absolutely willing to take the usual test. The Missouri Commission rules of course have the drug test within its rules.”

But Contursi softened his stance against Alexander in a subsequent e-mail.

“For the record: Neither myself nor any Team Maidana member is accusing Team Alexander of doing anything wrong, improper or illegal whatsoever. I just mentioned that there are rumors out there,” wrote Contursi. “So what could be better to throw those rumors away in the most transparent fashion than performing a drug test before and after the fight?”

Lueckenhoff said he wants “to know exactly who is spreading these rumors, because I haven’t heard them,” adding, “I’m still waiting for an e-mail from Sebastian on who is spreading these rumors.”

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