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Q&A: Arreola says he’s slimmer, smarter and ready to KO Molina


RingTV.com: Being that he’s 6-5, do you see any similarities to the Klitschkos in Molina, even though he’s not quite as tall?

CA: You can never compare someone to the Klitschkos, man. The Klitschkos, that’s why they’re champions, man. They’re on a stage all their own. So obviously, if I were to compare him to them, that would be very, very stupid of me.

The main thing about Molina is that he’s hungry. That’s one of the most dangerous things is that he’s hungry. Because a guy like that, you can knock him down or put him down, and he’s going to get back up.

Not only is he hungry, but he’s also Mexican. So, he’s got two things going in his favor. That’s why I have to be totally prepared for this guy.

RingTV.com: Being that he’s from Texas, do you perceive that he will have any sort of hometown advantage?

CA: I never met him, but this is going to be his home crowd because I think he only lives about an hour or so away from the place we’re fighting at. So, this is going to be his back yard and his home crowd. Will it be a hostile environment?

I don’t know. But one thing that I do know is that no matter how many fans he has, or how hostile they may be, they can’t get into the ring and help him. In the ring, that’s just going to be me and him.

That’s the beautfiful part. That’s why I love boxing. I don’t know this man and he don’t know me, but we can go into this ring and beat the s–t out of each other, and then, after the fight, we can just shake hands like nothing happened.

RingTV.com: Three years removed from your loss to Vitali, and two years from your loss to Adamek, have you learned and improved as a fighter?

CA: When I fought Klitschko the first time, you know, I’ve always said that you never pass up an opportunity for a title. Was I ready for that fight? Maybe not. But you know what?

I would do it again. You never pass up an opportunity to fight for the heavyweight championship of the world. That day, he was just a better fighter, he was just the better man, he was just better all around.

For the Adamek fight, you know, I was full of myself and I lost the fight because Adamek beat me in the gym. That’s one fight that I would like a rematch of so badly. I feel like I shot myself in the foot. That made me hungrier.

RingTV.com: How are your hands that were injured in the next fight against Quezada?

CA: You know what? That’s really what made me hungrier was winning that fight right after Adamek against Manny Quezada. Winning a 10-round unanimous decision in a fight that should have only lasted three or four rounds. I came out of that fight with a broken hand and torn ligaments and black eyes.

That should have never happened in a fight that should have gone no more than three or four rounds. That motivated me to step it up and to show people that I’m a great heavyweight that has to be dealt with. That heavyweight that fought Manny Quezada would get his a– kicked by most heavyweights.

But I broke my left hand and I split the tendon on my knuckles in the right hand. More than anything, I just let them heal themselves. More than anything, I’m always squeezing something, like a little ball or something. That strengthens them.

My hands are the most important things, man. When I’m training or when I’m working out or whatever, my hands, I’m always taking care of them. That’s what fighters need to know. Without your hands, you ain’t got s–t. You ain’t got now career and nothing. This is your livelihood, so you really have to take care of your hands.

Nowadays, it’s more with combinations and just setting things up. I’ve been throwing punches more in combination. If I see an opening somewhere, I may throw that same combination, but maybe two punches hard and one soft, because the hard ones are the ones that are being set up by the soft punches.

RingTV.com: Do you have a prediction?

CA: It won’t go to a decision, man. At all. No offense to Eric Molina, because he’s a good fighter. Personally, he should come and try to knock me out, and I won’t feel disrespected if he does that. Because that’s what boxing is. We’re supposed to come in and to entertain.

That’s what my job is, to entertain and to knock somebody out. That’s what boxing’s about, so I’m going for the knockout. This fight may last into the later rounds, but my main thing is to keep working, working, and working until I get that knockout in.

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