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Q&A: Rios ready for rumble with Gamboa



RingTV.com: So how does it feel to have finally nailed down the Gamboa fight and how does he stack up to anyone you’ve faced so far?

Brandon Rios: Well, I give Gamboa a lot of credit. He’s jumping up two weight classes and he’s been calling me out. He’s coming up to my weight class and he’s challenging me. This is a fight that I’ve been waiting for.

It’s going to be great. He’s very skillful, he’s very fast. He’s going to bring fans too. He’s a very talented kid. So it’s going to be a great fight and it’s a great match up for the fans and everybody. I’m just so ready for this fight.

RTV: what do you see as the challenge for Gamboa?

BR: The challenge for him is that he’s got to handle my pressure and my power. That’s the challenge for him. So he’s got to be able to take my pressure and my power in this fight.

RTV: What is the challenge for you?

BR: I’m ready for this man. For me, I’ve fought a guy with speed and I’m ready for this guy, that’s all that I have to say. I fought Anthony Peterson, who was quick, but he stood there. But I’m talking more about Miguel Acosta.

RTV: So you believe that this will be a similar situation as with Acosta?

BR: Yeah. That’s the same type of style that I think Gamboa will bring to the table, but maybe with a little more quickness from Gamboa.

I’ve been studying him, and my trainer, Robert Garcia, has been doing a really good job of breaking him down. He’s correcting me and directing me on Gamboa’s style. Robert’s the boss.

RTV: What did you overcome in the Murray fight, given that you had to deal with the weight issues?

BR: Well, a lot of people in boxing don’t know how really tough I am. When I fought Murray, I was training hard, don’t get me wrong on that. But I didn’t do it right. I didn’t do my diet right, so I paid the price for it.

I won, but I lost at the same time. I lost my title. But you know what? It’s a learning experience. It’s something that I learned from. I’m young and I’m still new to the game and I’m learning from my mistakes.

RTV: In what ways?

BR: Well I’ve learned enough from it that I have hired a nutritionist. That’s good for me. The weight is coming off of me, slowly, but surely.

I feel strong and I feel ready. I’m ready for this. I’m putting my past behind me and looking forward now.

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