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People call for no more pro fights in Argentina after last week’s debacle but here is the way I see it: That’s the first time I ever hear about something nasty happening in a fight in Argentina. On the other hand, every time there is a big fight in Texas, we are left with a sense of “Why the hell do I even watch this?” or a “How can that happen in a professional sport (I’m looking at you, absent urine test from two weeks ago!)?” We don’t hear outcries for Texas to be banned from pro boxing. Do we? Why do fighters (other than Antonio Margarito) fight in Texas? Gabriel Campillo put on a great fight after almost being put to bed in the first round. I am so disappointed in that decision that I will not go any further into my anti Texas-boxing stance. Actually, I got one more thing to say about that decision: It was so bad that Cloud’s momma fainted in disbelief!

On to better fights: Friday night’s ShoBox was great! Thomas Dulorme’s 1st knockdown made me say “Oh s__t” before Ariz Ambriz even dropped. I mean, that was as powerful a hook as you can accurately throw! Did you see Dulorme’s foot come off the canvas from the momentum he had going?! I think he is the real deal coming from PR. Would not be surprised if he overtakes JuanMa in accomplishments and following pretty soon. What do you think about Dulorme?

Jonathan Gonzalez is too young to be showing up with all that flabbiness! He had enough fat on his sides to be able to make 154 with no problems in the future. Dulorme is the truth but I would not want to run into Jonathan Gonzalez in a dark alley. He just has a look in his face like he wants you to hit him hard just so he can show you that he can hit you harder and more often. He still needs work but he will be a force to be reckoned with once he gets polished. Billy Lyell put on as spirited an effort as a boxer can but he could not stop Mantequilla. You think he’s got the goods or is he just all potential?

Paul Williams did what he was expected to do. I see him being competitive but not beating any of the Top 5 Junior Middleweights. I would like to see him in against Alfredo Angulo once “El Perro” can find himself again. He called out Sergio Martinez, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., and Saul Alvarez but I think any of those guys can beat him by KO. To paraphrase Larry Merchant after the last Donaire fight: “He did not knockout Vazquez and he did not knock me out either.” That’s the way I feel about Paul Williams, he couldn’t KO Ishida and he didn’t KO the viewers either. Where does The Punisher go from here? Take care! – Hector

Thanks for your two cents on the weekend, Hector.

I think Williams goes one of two ways: he either takes on another “soft” opponent in order to get some more confidence-building rounds in, or he and his management go the “cash-out” route in which they roll the dice against the biggest name in the biggest money bout available and see what happens. The biggest name willing to face him might be Martinez, if THE RING champ beats Matthew Macklin and can’t get any stars to challenge him. I don’t think Williams can win that fight.

I like your idea of Williams fighting Angulo. Both guys have questions about what they have left after brutal fights. However, Angulo may need to win one or two fights just make that match attractive to HBO or Showtime. And then there’s the problem of Angulo’s legal status in the States. It might not be feasible match right now, but it’s one that I think P-Will can win.

Another fight I’d like to see is Williams vs. Chavez (at 160 pounds, of course, Junior would have to cut his leg off to make 154). I think the younger, bigger, stronger fighter would prevail but it would be a good scrap.

I think both Dulorme and Gonzalez have a lot of potential. Dulorme has better technique and power and he’s more mature than Gonzalez, but I’m not going to call him the next “JuanMa” based on one KO of a late-sub (although it was badass – he cranked that hook like a young Felix Trinidad). As ShoBox’s Steve Farhood pointed out, Dulorme wasn’t in as tough as Gonzalez was.

I don’t think Dulorme is ready for a bona-fide gatekeeper like Joel Julio or Sebastian Lujan, but I could see him taking on a tough-but-faded vet like Jesus Soto Karass in his next fight, or if his promoters really believe in him, a young gun like Antwone Smith. That would be a worthy ShoBox or Friday Night Fights main event, eh?

The sucky thing about these bad scorecards and other assorted shenanigans that go down in Texas is that we expect the bulls__t to happen. I’m not a betting man, but if I was, I would not have bet on the underdog, Campillo, even though I KNEW he was the better boxer. Why? Because I also knew that he didn’t have the power or style to put Cloud away. And I knew that Cloud would get the benefit of the doubt in every close round because he was A) the power-fighter (and clueless judges are always enamored with aggression, even if it isn’t effective), B) the undefeated guy with the belt (thus the “star” or “A-side” to small-minded individuals), and C) the Don King-promoted fighter (and though King ain’t what he used to be, he’s still a name – a legend, really – in this sport). Oh yeah, and D) the fight took place in f__king TEXAS!

I watched the fight with knowledgeable friends of mine (guys who have followed boxing closely for longer than I’ve been alive). There were eight or nine rounds in which Campillo really put it on Cloud, and after these rounds my friends would say “That’s another round for Campillo.” After four of those rounds, I turned to them and said: “I bet you at least one of the three judges scored it for Cloud.” Why? Because Cloud was merely competitive in those rounds. And I knew at least one judge would be “looking out” for him. That judge was David Robinson.

And by the way, I don’t think Campillo ran away with the fight. It was close. Cloud had a 10-7 opening round; a good sixth round, and he closed hard, especially in the final two rounds. I thought Campillo won it by a point or two, but I wouldn’t have complained about a draw. However, short of knocking Cloud down a few times, there was no way that Campillo was going to win on Robinson’s card and that is just plain wrong.


What’s up Dougie,

Paul Williams bounced back nicely, but I don’t think beating this cat by decision means he’s back to being the P-Will of old. What about a Williams-Chavez Jr. fight?

What is it with these British heavyweights who talk all that smack and get worked by the K-Bros? Now they want to fight each other. Lastly, what did you think about Chris Arreola’s comments about Don King? I love that guy, he fights anybody, talks the talk and walks the walk (when he’s in shape). I want to see him against Haye. What do you think Dougie? – Miguel, LBC

I want to see Arreola vs. Chisora. That would be a hell of a fight. Both guys have guts and are little bit crazy (although Chris has got more class than Dereck). Arreola has better combos, a higher punch output and probably hits harder, but Chisora’s got a better chin and he might be physically stronger. I think it would be a war.

By the way, I don’t think Chisora got “worked” by Klitschko. I thought he was competitive.

I don’t think there’s any point to pontificate on Haye’s future fights unless it involves Vitali Klitschko. Haye’s made it clear that’s the fight he wants. However, if a Haye-Chisora fight were to be made, it would be huge event in the UK, and I would certainly watch it.

What do I think of Chavez-Williams? Where do I buy tickets?


Wasup dude? Been a minute but I’ll be brief. Haye-Chisora. I’d like to see this fight. Chisora is crazy as hell and needs to be sat down by those in charge of the sport (whoever they are) but I’d like to see him go at David Haye before this happens. Still haven’t forgiven David for talking $500 worth of “isht” to the brothers Klitschko and only providing $1.50 worth of action.

Good scrap between Vitali and Chisora by the way. Haven’t been able to say that for a while now about a K-Bros fight. Arreola looked okay but he’s going to get trashed by Wlad if that fight comes to fruition. Would like to see more of Malik “80-72” Scott. What are his chances against the likes of Arreola, Chisora, Haye, Adamek and the KBros?

Would like to see The Punisher against Alvarez next. How do you see that one? He still gets hit a lot but he hits a lot too.

Last but not least. Cloud-Campillo. When Campillo goes to the doctor to get his man check up (you know what I’m talking about) they will find a piece of Don King’s and two judges’ “icksd” in his rectum. No need to go any further. Holla back! – Fleetwood

Well, that was descriptive. Good to hear from you Fleetwood. I’m gonna be in your hood this weekend, covering the Devon Alexander-Marcos Maidana card in St. Louis.

I think Williams-Alvarez is a good fight. I favor the red head in that one. Canelo’s got heavy hands and enough lateral movement to make Williams miss and lunge into his power shots.

Regarding our man “80-72,” like I said last week, Scott has the tools and the talent to be an elite heavyweight. He just has to want it and work hard for it. If he does that, I’ll favor him to beat every heavyweight you mentioned except for the K-Brothers. And you know what? I think Scott can beat the Klitschkos if he has a good night and they have off nights (which I admit are rare) or they get old (as Vitali might be soon).

You have cast another American vote in favor of the potential Haye-Chisora clash. I think Chisora made some new fans on Saturday.

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