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Dougie’s Monday mailbag


Hi Doug,

As a hardcore boxing fan for the last 15 years I have never felt so ashamed of the sport as I do right now. I just watched the Del Boy fight with Big Bro and I felt he got back a lot of respect he lost after his slap at the weighing and the water spitting just before the fight, but then we have the f___ing stupid post-fight press conference brawl between him and Toe Jam Haye (who I use to think was a good boxer and person until his gang rape comment before the “fight” with Harrison). Now I have lost all form of respect for both boxers and I hope that both get their licences revoked and never box again. I hope all the young up and coming boxers don’t act like this as it’s just driving the casual fans away from the sport that we both love!

On to a few plus sides, I think that we have some good fights coming up in the next few months. Cotto vs. Mayweather, who I think is looking at the hardest fight he’s had in the last 10 years, and then we have the Pacquiao-Bradley fight. I see Bradley as someone that will give the Pac Man a lot of trouble! Then we have the fight I am looking forward to the most, the rematch between Khan and Peterson! Let’s hope that we don’t see anything like we did this weekend and that all the casual fans that are watching see a few great fights in the ring. Thanks. – Michael, London, England

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Michael. Don’t let the non-sanctioned Haye-Chisora scrap get you down. Boxing is a highly charged sport of egos and machismo. Sometimes things get a little crazy. I don’t like poor sportsmanship either, which is why I’ve chosen not to watch any video of the post-fight presser melee. What’s the point? Like you noted, there are good fights coming up, and I’d rather spend my time discussing them than dwell on the poor behavior of two guys.

I’m hyped about this weekend’s fights, and I believe the matchups you mentioned will be competitive and entertaining. I also think the participants will conduct themselves well before and after the bouts. Mayweather can be a jerk at times, but Cotto is always cool, controlled and classy, so I don’t see those two engaging in trash talk. Both Pacquiao and Bradley are gentlemen, so no worries there. And as long as Khan doesn’t whine too much about the officiating of the first bout, I think the pre-fight build up to his rematch with Peterson will be professional and maybe even good natured. We’ll see.


Hi Doug,

Been awhile. I’ve been waiting for a good one to write you about but this one ain’t good. This weekend’s Cloud-Campillo bout ranks with some of the worst decisions I have ever seen. I have been following boxing for 40 years and have witnessed many lousy decisions and they all make you angry but when one as blatant as this comes down it just crosses the line. I knew Cloud and had seen him before. I know what he brings to the dance but knew nothing of Campillo and figured him to be cannon fodder. The two knockdowns in round one seemed to bear that out and I thought it would end before round 2 was over. Low and behold the kid comes back, and to these eyes was delivering a real time ass whuppin’ to Cloud (NICE combos BTW) and even seemed to really rock him a few times. Cloud had a spurt of success now and then but was clearly getting the worst of it all the way thru. It is good sometimes to shake up the status quo in the sport and I thought a loss for Cloud wouldn’t be that bad. It might liven things up.

I knew what was coming when Jimmy Lennon said split decision. I could not believe the scores afterward and Cloud’s comments were utterly stupid at the end saying he thought he won the fight. (Side note: I have never boxed but I did compete on the karate tournament circuit for years and have studied the techniques of the great boxing champs.) I say that to say this (concerning Cloud thinking he won): if you are in there controlling the action, you know it. By the same token, if you are getting shellacked by the other guy, you know that too. Cloud KNOWS deep down he lost that fight. Look at his face! He could have at least said it was a close tough fight. His Mama fainting at the decision says volumes. SHE knew what had just happened. Even though it was in Texas you can’t take the judges out back and shoot them but they should all be banned from pro boxing. If I was boxing I would never fight in that state. End of rant. Thanks for letting me vent, Doug.

(One last thought. Mayweather-Cotto is an interesting matchup. Pacquiao-Bradley will be ugly. Tim will come in like a miniature Evander Holyfield and try and head butt Manny into the 3rd row. SEE Ya…….) – David, Nashville

Thanks for venting, David. That’s what I’m here for.

There really isn’t any silver lining to Campillo getting screwed once again (I co-commentated – along with the great Col. Bob Sheridan – on his split-decision “loss” to Beibut Shumenov, which was even worse than the Cloud decision), but I’m going to try.

If you know Cloud, you know he’s a very proud man. If he really thinks he lost as you say he does, or even if he just thinks that most fans thought he lost, then my guess is that he’ll want to set the record straight with a rematch. I think that will happen (and I’m pretty sure the IBF will mandate it anyway).

Also, you didn’t know anything about Campillo going into this fight. Neither did most of the fans and boxing media who tuned into the fight. Now everybody knows that Campillo is a badass boxer-fighter. We all want to see him fight again, and everyone is going to root for him because he’s been screwed around and he’s an entertaining fighter.

He didn’t seem demoralized during his post-fight interview, so I think there’s a good chance that his career could turn around for the better this year. I certainly hope so.



Cloud-Campillo was an entertaining scrap, as most of us expected. Campillo showed great composure to come back from the two first-round knockdowns and control the fight with his movement. Cloud looked thoroughly confused, although he didn’t stop fighting, and I particularly enjoyed his thunderous hooks to the body. I also thought Antonio Tarver did a great job ringside, which really added to the viewing experience for me. As for the decision, it was awful, but anything close was at least in the realm of acceptability. 116-110 for Cloud, however, is completely unacceptable. That means he won SEVEN of eleven rounds (he obviously won the first 10-7). Chuck Giampa mentioned several times that the judges were extremely inexperienced – what the hell is going on with the IBF?

All the best. – Hal

I don’t know, Hal. I don’t understand why it isn’t mandatory for all 12-round title bouts (especially those that are televised and involve truly world-class fighters) to be judged and refereed by experienced, world-class officials.

Maybe there aren’t enough qualified judges to go around. If that’s the case it’s time for the commissions and sanctioning organizations to bring in some new blood and cultivate better-educated officials through classes, seminars, mentoring and some kind of farm system where they pay their dues officiating amateur bouts and prelim fights before working their way up to 10 rounders and championships.

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