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Hi Doug,

I just watched the fight between Vitali and Chisora and like most us I expected Big Bro to dominate the smaller challenger, although I have to give it to Chisora. He did give it a try but the size and talent discrepancy was too much for him to overcome. You know every time I watch the Klitschkos there is always some questions that linger inside my head… so I decided to pose the same questions to you. You’re responses will be most appreciated…..

1. Are the brothers so good that they are simply bad for boxing co’z they are killing the competition? Or is this era really that bad?

2. Is there any chance they can ever find stiff competition in this current crop of heavyweight hopefuls that we have?

3. If the brothers finally call it a day, do you think the heavyweight division will be more competitive and exciting to watch?

4. and lastly… how do you think the lack of significant opponents will affect Klitschko’s place in heavyweight history?

Having said that…..I’m glad that the Khan-Peterson rematch was made co’z I believe this is the most logical bout for both guys. I’m happy that Bob Arum’s proposed matchup between JMM and Peterson did not materialize. As much as I respect JMM I think Peterson is all wrong for him…..I always love your work. Have nice day and God Bless. – Jayson, Philippines

Yeah, I like Peterson-Khan II better than Peterson-Marquez, too. I still want to see Marquez-Morales.

On to your Klitschko questions:

1. I can’t say that the Klitschkos are bad for boxing. They do great business in Europe. They fill stadiums, do big ratings and generate crazy revenue. Outside of the ring, they represent the sport with class. They haven’t helped interest in the heavyweight division in the U.S., but even if they were gone, there still wouldn’t be much attention to the big boys here in the States because there isn’t a lot of home-grown talent. I think the Klitschkos are good for the sport on an international level. And this is definitely a poor era for the division. It was much deeper in the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s.

2. If the Klitschkos stick around for another two or three years, they will slow down with age, while talented up-and-comers, such as Robert Helenius, David Price, and Tyson Fury, continue to develop and gain experience that could one day aid them in a challenge to one of the Ukrainians. Who knows? Perhaps Chisora or Arreola would do better in a rematch with Vitali, or in a challenge to Wladdy, who doesn’t take as good a shot as his older brother.

3. Yes. I think there are a lot of even, entertaining matchups to be made in the heavyweight division that don’t include the Klitschkos. Any combination of Chisora, Arreola, Haye, Adamek, Povetkin, Chambers, Boytsov, and Helenius will produce an interesting fight.  

4. The Klitschkos have dominated the division long enough to merit hall of fame induction in my opinion. They probably will not be considered all-time greats by every historian and hardcore fan, but more than a few will rank them with the best big men in history.


Hey Dougie,
Was browsing the site and just noticed the Adrien Broner pic in the Devon Alexander PED article. Broner’s wearing a gray cardigan, and it struck me. He looks kind of like someone slapped Andre 3000’s chin onto Big Boi’s face, and then dressed him in 3000’s clothes . . . for what it’s worth . . . – Todd

Good call, Todd. I’ll say this for the kid, he’s got his own look going. Broner’s talented, skilled, funny, and a spiffy dresser. Now all we need to know is if he can really fight. We’ll find out this Saturday.


Hey Dougie,

I’m overseas now but I still try and keep up with the best sport in the world, especially with this weekend’s fights. I think Eloy Perez is going to surprise a lot of people. I was watching some of his recent fights and noticed that he is sitting down on his punches a little more, especially that left hook. That power and good enough athleticism is going to be a problem for “The Problem.”

I was also watching a tape of Marcos Maidana’s recent fight and from what I saw, he does not lean in as much. His punches look crisper and sharper. I think Rudy Perez is an underrated trainer and if he is still with Marcos for his fight with Alexander this fight is going to be interesting. He is never in a boring fight and with better technique I just cannot wait. Either way, whoever wins, I just like the fact that we have good matchups this weekend. – Luis

I agree. We’ve got two quality matchups that pair strong, confident boxers with contrasting styles, and my guess is that we’ll get two very good fights. And I agree that the favorites (Alexander and Broner) are in tough.

Good for them for challenging themselves. Maidana is a beast as everyone knows. Perez, as you know, is young, battle-tested boxer with underrated skills and developing power.

The only thing I hope for is a fair shake from the judges if both underdogs pull a “Campillo” on Saturday.



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