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Who wins Alexander-Maidana? The experts weigh in


Doug Fischer, Editor of RingTV.com

Devon Alexander UD 10 Marcos Maidana: I think that any fighter, like Devon Alexander, who has been at a certain weight for a long time — he’s been there in the junior welterweight area since he was an amateur — that first fight that they have at a higher weight, they feel incredible.

They don’t just feel great on fight night, they feel great the whole week of the fight. That’s something that Alexander probably hasn’t felt for the last two and a half years while he’s just been draining himself and dehydrating the week of the fight right up until the weigh-in and then re-hydrating and maybe feeling sluggish.

I think that he wants to look really sharp and that he wants to do better than his last fight, which was in St. Louis against Lucas Matthysse, and I think that he’s really motivated for this fight. I know that Marcos Maidana is the same guy every fight, and that he’s relentless.

He’ll take punishment and he can be dropped and be hurt and he usually battles back. I’ve never seen him wilt, even when people land perfect shots like Amir Khan did in the first round of their fight. That was a shot that would have kept most people down, but he got up and still fought like a terror for 12 rounds.

But with a fast boxer who is mobile the way that Alexander is, Maidana can be avoided like Khan pretty much avoided him until the 10th round when he basically had to run out the clock and hold on for the last three rounds.

But with this being a 10-round fight, if Alexander does get clipped late, and has a wobbly moment or two, I don’t think that he will have to run out the clock so long. It’s a 10-rounder, and I think that benefits Alexander.

When Alexander lands, the crowd’s going to come alive, and judges are human. That’s going to have an impact. I think that the crowd favorite gets a little bit of an advantage on the scorecards for a close, but unanimous decision.

Norm Frauenheim, www.15rounds.com

Devon Alexander SD 10 Marcos Maidana: Devon Alexander, who hasn’t been called “The Great” in a while, has Golden Boy Promotions behind him, unfilled expectations still with him, Marcos Maidana in front of him and a hometown crowd watching him.

That adds up to pressure that has pushed him to a dangerous crossroads: Grow up or go away. In his first fight since signing with Golden Boy, Alexander is bound to encounter a Maidana assault that is boxing’s version of carpet-bombing.

It’s not precise. But it will trample Alexander if he allows it to. The guess is that he withstands the fury with skill and toughness we have yet to witness for a narrow, perhaps controversial, victory. 

Thomas Gerbasi, BoxingScene.com

Devon Alexander W12 Marcos Maidana: This has the potential to be another one of those fights where Devon Alexander hits the deck or gets rocked, only to come back and win a close — and usually controversial — decision over Marcos Maidana.

Robert Guerrero, five-belt, three-division titlewinner

Devon Alexander SD 10 Marcos Maidana: I believe Marcos Maidana will have to get a knockout to win this fight.  The problem he’ll be facing is that he only has ten rounds to do it. That being said, Devon Alexander will win a split decision.

Kevin Iole, Yahaoo!Sports

Devon Alexander W 10 Marcos Maidana:  I’m not sold on Devon Alexander as a top-flight talent, but I think he’s a good enough boxer to handle Marcos Maidana. The fact that the fight is 10 rounds instead of 12 weighs very much in his favor.

Steve Kim, Maxboxing.com

Devon Alexander W 10 Marcos Maidana: I like Devon Alexander by decision. I think he steps around Marcos Maidana all night and uses angles. I think the 10-round distance also plays in his favor in St Louis.

Paulie Malignaggi, welterweight contender, former IBF junior welterweight beltholder

Devon Alexander SD 10 Marcos Maidana: Its a tough call, but I think Devon Alexander being at home gives him a mental edge for himself. That could help him even if it don’t affect Marcos Maidana, because frankly I doubt Marcos cares where he fights, he just wants to rumble.

For Devon, being in St Louis, knowing if he goes the distance and can at least keep the fight close and also having had the fight be a 10-rounder, the finish line is that much close. Those are all things that could play a factor. Devon says he’s better and stronger at 147.

If he is telling the truth, then Saturday night should be a good fight with Devon edging him out. If, however, its the same old Devon, then Maidana turns up the heat and stops him. Maidana maybe even makes him quit since Devon doesn’t seem like the type who wants to suck it up based on what he showed in the Bradley fight.


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