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Lem’s latest: Bradley praises Alexander; Cunningham picks Bradley over Pacquiao

“You know, I had a bad night. So maybe this fight right here with Gabriel Campillo will make guys actually come out and start to fight Tavoris Cloud. You know, it can work either way,” said Cloud.

“At first, I was my own achilles heel because I was winning so big and beating guys up. Now that I’ve had a bad night, maybe they see that Cloud can have an off night. They see that, maybe it will cause guys to go ahead and accept the challenge.”

But Dawson said Cloud-Campillo was a bad verdict for the sport.

“The decision is the whole reason that boxing is being diminished now. People are not interested in boxing anymore,” said Dawson.

“After that fight, I went on Twitter, man, and couldn’t believe how many people were disappointed. I mean, people were like, ‘I’m not going to watch boxing anymore.’ It’s crazy, man. It’s ridiculous.”



In December of last year, Hopkins rose from two knockdowns during his draw with Pascal, and, later, dethroned Pascal as WBC and RING beltholder by unanimous decision in May.

In victory over Pascal, Hopkins became the oldest man to win a major title in boxing. Before facing Hopkins, Pascal had vanquished Dawson in defense of his WBC belt by 11th-round technical decision in August of 2010.

Hopkins said he plans to take advantage of the ire aimed in his direction by Dawson, who called Hopkins a “punk” during a recent press conference.

“His anger will make him want to do things to hurt me. His anger will make him take more chances and give me chances. I want him to be angry, because an angry man doesn’t think,” said Hopkins.

“An angry man is an emotional man. Trust me, the penitentiary is full of emotional people. When you’re emotional you don’t think. So let him be emotional.”

Hopkins, meanwhile, plans to maintain his cool while methodically dismantling Dawson.

“You will see in this fight as the rounds go, Bernard mentally and physically will be picking him apart. I have diagnosed something that he can’t fix overnight. That takes time, fights and also going through it with other fighters and learning how not to be that way,” said Hopkins.

“But right now he’s a reckless guy mentally and you have to exploit that to make him be that way fight night. He’s an easy guy to diagnose and to bring that out of. Some people it’s just their nature. He can function with it, but not long term.”

Hopkins’ said that he will “medicate” Dawson’s anger in the ring.

“How do you react if he comes out angry: Give him some medication. You give medication to a patient whose angry and frustrated,” said Hopkins.

“Doctors deal with it every day. Just become a doctor. Give him some aspirin. Give him some medication. Calm him down. He will be buzzed. After the medication.”


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