Harry Pratt

Haye will not fight Chisora

Former heavyweight titleholder David Haye insists he has no plans to fight Dereck Chisora after going public about their ugly brawl in Germany and admitting he did have a glass in his hand when he struck his fellow Brit.

Speaking on ITV1 last weekend, the retired 31-year-old Englishman reiterated the position that he acted in self-defense at the Munich press conference which followed Chisora’s defeat to WBC holder Vitali Klitschko ten days ago.

And in doing so, he laid all conspiracy theories to rest. Haye, who lost his WBA belt to Wladimir Klitschko last summer, was at pains to stress a future domestic showdown between himself and 28-year-old Chisora is never going to happen.

“I’ve got no desire to fight Dereck Chisora inside the ring or outside the ring. He’s lost his last three fights,” said the south Londoner before giving his version of events surrounding their explosive bust-up.

“He comes over to me, in my face, I feel his knuckles in my face, what am I supposed to do? I’ve got to close the show,” he said. “Look at all the camera angles. I had no other option. I could have stood there with my hands by my side and got punched, kicked or spat at. The guy has said on national television he is going to beat me up and break my jaw. Why wouldn’t I defend myself?

“It was a glass bottle but I didn’t hit him with that bottle – I hit him with my fist. If I’d had my mobile phone in my hand, it would have been a mobile phone. If I’d had a hot dog in my hand, it would have been that. It wasn’t a beer either. It was a bottle of lemonade. I can understand how that looks but I was there as part of the media. If I could rewind time, of course I wouldn’t go down there (to the press conference). But you can’t rewind time.”

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