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THE RING April issue: At a glance


Nothing is more thrilling than a one-punch knockout.

One reason we’re so fascinated with fighters like Nonito Donaire and Marcos Maidana is that their fights can – and sometimes do – end in an instant. Joe Louis and Thomas Hearns provided such thrills in their day.

However, the number of fighters who can end a fight with one shot seems to be getting smaller. Contributor Don Stradley explains why in our cover story, Power Outage.

Wrote Stradley: “In an effort to further explain boxing’s current power outage, THE RING consulted three respected trainers on the subject: Joe Goossen, Emanuel Steward and Harold Knight. They assure us we were not imagining things.”

As part of the cover package, we also give you our current Top 10 one-punch knockout artists and a list of the best ever.

altThe April issue, which is on newsstands now, also celebrates the 70th birthday of Muhammad Ali in The Aging of Ali, written by contributor Bart Barry, who explains how Ali helped define a roiling era.

Columnist Ron Borges argues in Blame Mayweather and Pacquiao that Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, not their handlers, are ultimately responsible for their inability to reach a deal on what would be the most-lucrative fight in history.

Borges quoted former President of HBO Sports Seth Abraham: “Checks don’t make men fight. Television networks can’t make men fight. They fight because they want to.”

For Behind Bars, contributor Joseph Santoliquito talked to fighters who have been incarcerated to determine how it might affect Mayweather, who is scheduled to go to jail for domestic abuse in June.

Contributor Mark Zeigler writes in Sweet Scientist that infamous doping guru Victor Conte has found a new begninning in boxing, working with such stars as Donaire, Andre Berto and Brandon Rios.

In Raw Material, Santoliquito explores how trainer Ann Wolfe turned the lessons of a hard life into an effective training style.

And in Judgment Year, columnist Gary Andrew Poole looks back on the one of the worst years for baffling scoring and asks: What’s going on?

Among other features in this issue:

  • New columnist David Greisman gives his edgy perspective on boxing in Ready to Grumble.
  • Celebrity chef Chris Santos explains in Famous Fans how he became so passionate about the sport.
  • Former heavyweight contender Gerry Cooney reveals his most-difficult foes in Best I’ve Faced.
  • Dr. Margaret Goodman explains in Fight Doctor the new Voluntary Anti-Doping Association, which she and others hope will revolutionize drug testing in boxing.
  • In Sweeter Science, columnist David Avila writes that the best American women find their biggest opportunities abroad.
  • The subject of this month’s Olympic preview is China, perhaps an emerging power in amateur boxing.
  • And in Looking Ahead, Stradley asks whether popular Brit Tyson Fury might be the next big thing in heavyweight boxing.


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