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Who wins Salido-Lopez II? We asked the experts

Ryan Maquiñana, BoxingScene/Comcast SportsNet

Juan Manuel Lopez UD 12 Orlando Salido: I like Juan Manuel Lopez by points in a close but clear fight.  Orlando Salido has the type of power in both hands to change the momentum of the fight with one shot, and Lopez hasn’t always displayed the most rock-solid of jaws, even against challengers like Bernabe Concepcion.

However, I think Lopez gets his title back on the strength of two factors. For one, he’s in a lot better shape than the last fight, which I think will allow him to evade trouble more often rather than stand and trade due to fatigue.

Secondly, Salido was almost down and out in his last defense against Weng Haya. I wonder if the Mexican champ can still sustain the necessary type of pressure over 12 rounds to win on the road. Lopez by unanimous decision over Salido.

Record: 1-1

Cliff Rold, BoxingScene.com

Juan Manuel Lopez W 12 Orlando Salido: Juan Manuel Lopez on points. Lopez has a shaky chin and has taken a lot of shots but he’s still younger. Orlando Salido was very close to getting stopped his last time out and may have peaked in the first Lopez fight.

I like the home court advantage for Lopez and I think he overcomes some rocky moments to win enough rounds for a decision win, if not a late stoppage.

Record: 1-1

Michael Rosenthal, Editor of THE RING

Orlando Salido KO 10 Juan Manuel Lopez: I’m on record picking Orlando Salido to beat Juan Manuel Lopez again, because it’s difficult to reverse the kind of beating Lopez took. That said, I believe this is a 50-50 fight. I think it depends largely on Lopez.

If he bangs with Salido, he could have trouble again. If he boxes throughout, I think the Puerto Rican can win. I’ll stick with my prediction, though: Salido will knock out Lopez again in the late rounds.

Record: 1-0

Tim Smith, New York Daily News

Juan Manuel Lopez UD 12 Orlando Salido: I think that if Juan Manuel Lopez has gotten all of his personal problems behind him, then I think that he’s still hungry enough to avenge the loss that he had to Orlando Salido in the last fight.

I can see him coming back stronger than he was before. I would think that he would be able to bang out a decision. I think that it will be a unanimous decision.

Record: 0-0


Ryan Songalia, RingTV.com

Juan Manuel Lopez KO 9 Orlando Salido: This is a tough pick really, because they always say that whoever won the first fight will win the second fight easier. Here, I don’t really know because neither Orlando Salido nor Juan Manuel Lopez have looked exceptionally good in their tuneups since then.

Salido was a punch or two away from being stopped by unheralded journeyman Weng Haya in his last bout, while Lopez showed some of the same defensive flaws in his bout with Mike Oliver despite scoring an otherwise dominant second round TKO.

What I can say is that Salido has more mileage on him, and if Lopez can make his left more of a weapon against Salido than he did the first time, I think he can pull it off. Lopez has tools, Salido has strength. I’ll go with Lopez by KO. Either way, this doesn’t go the distance.

Record: 2-0

The experts favor Juan Manuel Lopez , 13-2, to take down Orlando Salido in their rematch in Lopez’s native Puerto Rico.


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