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Griffin responds to claims surrounding Alvarez bout

Earlier this month, a Canadian News story was published on with notes regarding the Otis Griffin-Eleider Alvarez bout scheduled for February 18 falling through at the weigh-in. Based on reports from various outlets, including the Canadian Press and conversations at the venue with those close to the situation the day of the fight, it was reported that Griffin tried to finagle a better deal for himself with promoter Yvon Michel a day before the fight.

While the story was not written without research, and THE RING is not the only publication to have reported those as the events, Griffin was not contacted for comment.

The winner of The Next Great Champ reality series reached out to to offer his account of the situation that resulted in the Alvarez bout not taking place.

“They tried to run a scam. But I’m not the kind of guy that’s desperate or hard up for money, so it didn’t work,” Griffin told

According to Griffin, the contract he signed for the bout stated that he would face Alvarez in a 12-round bout for the WBC Latino light heavyweight title. However, he claims it was the promoter who tried to switch the terms of the fight, not him.

“When we get to the weighins, there’s no WBC people there. The IBF was there for the main event. These guys try to tell me, like I’m some idiot, ‘Oh, what we’ll do is (since) the WBC isn’t here, we’ll use the IBF referees and then if you win, we’ll mail you the belt at a later date,” said Griffin.

The veteran light heavyweight forwarded an email exchange to reportedly between his manager Osric Pratt and Groupe Yvon Michel matchmaker Marc Ramsay. In it, Pratt expressed concern that he had read on various boxing websites that the fight was going to be eight rounds, to which Ramsay allegedly replied “12 rounds WBC Latino.”

Despite the switch-up, Griffin claims he was never compensated at all, outside of per diem money, for appearing in Quebec.

“I don’t know if he got confused or what. Nobody asked him for more money,” Griffin said. “I simply said look, we can re-establish this fight for a later date and you can give me 30 percent of the purse for coming out here, because that’s what had to happen in California anyway. For me showing up on weight and everything, California and Nevada would have made him pay 30 percent of the purse right there for breaching the contract.

“But, I said hey, you can give me 30 percent of the purse and we can re-do another day when you can get the WBC here, or you can give me 30 percent of the purse and we can forget about it. But I’m not gonna fight after this breach of contract.”

As of press time, the Griffin-Alvarez bout has not been rescheduled.

“They gave me nothing. So now, we’re seeking remedy with the ABC commission. Like I said, I’ve got contracts, I’ve got emails, everything. Something has to be done. This is a black eye on boxing.”

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