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Martinez-Macklin: Live blog round-by-round


NEW YORK. — RingTV.com will have a live blog, updated round-by-round, of Saturday night’s HBO- televised main event between RING middleweight champion Sergio Martinez (48-2-2, 27 knockouts) and RING No. 3-rated Mathew Macklin (28-3, 19 KOs) at Madison Square Garden.

The broadcast begins at 10 p.m. ET with an undercard bout between super middleweights Don George (22-1-1, 19 KOs) and Edwin Rodriguez (20-0, 14 KOs).



Referee: Eddie Cotton

Judges: Julie Lederman, Don Trella, Carlos Ortiz

Martinez vs. Macklin, round-by-round

Fighters are in the Ring: Michael Buffer — LET’S GET READY TO RUMMMMBLLLLLE!!!!

Macklin is introduced, wearing green trunks and partisan Irish fans are  going nuts.

Martinez, conversely, is booed



Round 1: Martinez circles, but not too far away. Martinez lands two lead lefts out of his southpaw stance tbhat chase Macklin. Martinez doesn’t run. Another lead left lands for Martinez. Martinez’s right jab finds the mark. Martinez’s hands are held low. Martinez blocks Macklin’s initial combination. Martinez has Macklin backing up at round’s end, the clinch. Martinez’s round, 10-9.

Round 2: Two nice right jabs by Martinez. Macklin misses with a right. Short left by Martinez. Another led left lands for Martinez. Another lead left causes Macklin to stumble. Macklin’s left eye already is red. Counter left lands for Macklin. They clinch and trade to the body. Martinez’s round, 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Martinez appears to be setting up Macklin for a big punch. Macklin connects with a right. Another right lands for Macklin during a clinch. Crowd is chanting Macklin’s name. Nice up-jab lands for Macklin. Short right to the body for Macklin. Macklin clips Martinez with a right during the clinch. Right hand to the head by Martinez and then a left along the ropes. Short right and another both to the body for Macklin. Maacklin comes to the head with a counter-right. Macklin’s round, 10-9, 29-28.

Round 4: Macklin rips a nice right uppercut. Macklin roughs up Martinez during a clinch. Martinez trying to press the action. Misses with a right and takes a right from Macklin. Maacklin pounds to rights to the chest but takes a beautiful counter left uppercut to the chin from Martinez. Martinez lands a long right and a left from a distance. Nice right jab from Martienz, but he takes a hard right-left combination from Macklin. Macklin’s round, 10-9; Even 38-38


Round 5: Macklin appears to be encouraged and comes forward landing his right. Martinez counters with his own right but later takes a nice up-jab from Macklin. Nice left hand by Martinez to Macklin’s forehead. Lead left and a right land by Martinez. Two left hands by Macklin and a right. Decent action. Another lead right from Macklin and two more after that. Macklin clips Martinez with a left. Martinez takes a right hand that sprays sweat. Martinez lands a straight left. The fighters exchange for the final part of the round, but Macklin appears to have had the edge. Macklin’s round, 10-9; Macklin, 48-47.

Round 6: Martinez is on his toes early but takes a long right hand from Macklin that gets the crowd going. Macklin clips Martinez with a counter-right. Macklin lands a right off a missed jab. Macklin connects with a counter-left. Martinez gets in a couple of right jabs. Another jab by Martinez. Another jab by Martinez. And another. Martinez fires a left to the body and connects with one more jab before the bell. Martinez’s round, 10-9; Even, 57-57.

Round 7: Hard right hook to the chest and chin of Macklin by Martinez. Nice jab by Martinez. They trade jabs. Martinez claims a head butt. Nice up-jab by Macklin. Two jabs by Martinez. Good right hand by Macklin and another right to the body. Macklin catches Martinez with a rRIGHT HAND and it’s scored a KNOCKDOWN  because Martinez’s right hand touched the canvas. Martinez comes back hard with a series of hard lefts and rights, but Macklin gets the round. Macklin’s round, 10-8; Macklin, 67-65.

Round 8: Martinez works the jab again. Macklin lands a straight right hand. Crowd is behind Macklin. Hard left cross by Martinez. Macklin’s patient behind his own jab. Martinez fires three right jabs and a head-swiveling right cross. Macklin gets in a couple of right hands. Another fight by Macklin. Three hard left hands by Martinez, the second of which stunned Macklin. Martinez’s round, 10-9; Macklin 76-75.

Round 9: A lull in the action early on. Crowd’s cheering Macklin. Martinez firing a week jab, then connects with a solid left at 1:46 of the round. Martinez seems content to box. Two more hard lefts land for Martinez. Macklin takes them well. Another lef by Martinez. Still another Martinez left. Martinez hammers Macklin with rights and lefts on the ropes and then pounds home three more lefts before the round ends. Martinez’s round, 10-9; Even 85-85.

Round 10: Macklin’s coming forward. Martinez pops his head back twice with jabs. Martinez lands a left uppercut and a right hand. Macklin’s eyes have welts beneath them. Matinez steps up the pressure. Right hand by Martinez. Martinez connects with a left, right, left combination that swivel Macklin’s head. Right hand wobbles Macklin. Left hand catches Macklin. Martinez spins Macklin around with a right that knocks him into the ropes, where Macklin absorbs two more blows. Martinez’s round, 10-9; Martinez, 95-94.


Round 11: Macklin takes a left to the body and then another to the head a third of the way into the round. Martinez fires and lands from a distance. Macklin’s cut around the left eye and cheekbone. Martinez lands well with both hands from a distance. Macklin connects with a left but Martinez takes it. Martinez lands a right left that drops Macklin with about 15 seconds left. He rises and goes down, yet agin, from another left hand  just prior to the bell.  TWO KNOCKDOWNS BY MARTINEZ,. Martinez’s round, 10-7; 105-101



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