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Dougie’s Friday mailbag


I’m REALLY looking forward to this weekend, haven’t heard a lot of hype about it, but I like your pick on Erik Morales. How can you not love that dude, or love watching him fight (unless you are a family member of his and worried about the amount of punishment he absorbs)? I do not think he can be in a bad fight, he just won’t let that happen.

Don’t know a lot about the young man, I’ve seen him fight Kendall Holt I think, and don’t remember anything of significance about that fight. Obviously he has youth, etc., but he is definitely not better than Morales, but sometimes youth may be enough. But Morales kicked Marcos Maidana’s a$$ after looking like he would be slaughtered in the first few rounds. Maybe he can do it again, but that is impressive going from what looked like dead when he retired to rising in weight and still taking on killers at his advanced age with a million miles on the odometer.

How do you not love watching James Kirkland fight? I have no clue who he is fighting, but I don’t care, I know SOMEBODY is getting KTFO period! Great night of boxing! – JCB

All anyone needs to know about Morales and Kirkland is that they make for action fights, regardless of the styles they are up against. (If you don’t get excited before their fights you either don’t like boxing or you’re a pacifist.)

All anyone needs to know about their opponents – Kirkland faces Carlos Molina and Morales defends his WBC 140-pound belt against Danny Garcia – is that they both could lose on Saturday.

Garcia’s got quicker hands (and much quicker reflexes being 11½ years younger), good power and decent footwork. He can – and probably will – give “El Terrible” trouble just by sticking and moving, counter punching and dropping pot shots on the fly. I wasn’t surprised when I read that 13 out of the 18 “experts” that Lem Satterfield polled for his fight prediction article picked Garcia to win.

However, as you know, I’m going with the “old man.” I think El Terrible’s got better technique than Garcia, who is open for the straight right, and I believe his decided edge in experience will see him through any rough spots and serve him down the stretch of a competitive bout.

Kirkland’s got his work cut out for him against Molina, a crafty and durable boxer with sound fundamentals. The Chicago native’s greatest weapon against Kirkland is his mentality. He doesn’t get intimidated and he seldom overextends himself. He’ll try to keep Kirkland off balance with his jab and inside footwork, while patiently running the southpaw whirlwind into right hand after right hand. Kirkland will have to get inside and outwork him (especially to the body) to have any hope of stopping Molina (who has never been knocked out). I’m thinking Kirkland might have to settle for a decision in this fight.


Well Dougie, my dumbass has sent about three emails to your former address before realizing the switch. Smooth.

Anywho, down to business, give us more Todd the Terminator, that guy is a riot! My picks for this weekend only’ll cover the big fights. I’m agreeing with King Khan, I strongly believe Morales will give Garica the proverbial d__k and win by late stoppage. I mean, this is Erik Morales. I’m pretty sure he could handle the likes of Deadpool with ease if that match up ever occurred.

Next up, it’s interesting how Vernon Paris won his last fight by massaging Coleman’s midsection with his fists while Judah was dropped by a nasty body shot in his last bout (vs. Khan). Will this give Paris any ideas? Then again, I think  Judah has more experience in his pinky than Paris all together after boxrec’ing his career and seeing that Paris hasn’t fought more than 6 or 8 rounds at once, usually finishing his opponents before the 8 rounds ran out. I guess it depends on Judah’s mental state, I’d like him to win, then again I also picked him to beat Khan. I’m out to lunch on this match up.

One last thing, I’m not huge-huge on comics like you are but a buddy of mine let me borrow the first issue of the brief Marvel Zombie run and I enjoyed it, a lot. I know it’s a few years old now buy have you come across them? – Mike

I have come across the various Marvel Zombies series. I saw a trade paperback collection of the first limited series at a daycare of all places a few years back. I sat down and read most of it while waiting for one of my daughters to finish playing outside.

I recall liking the art and the story (and loving the cover art), but I’m not really into zombies and never understood the whole “undead thing” that seemed hip a little while ago. So I never bought Marvel Zombies. But I might one day get the graphic novels (you’ve planted the zombie seed in my brain). I wasn’t reading or collecting comics from 1987 to 2007 and now I enjoy reading trade paperback compilations of the books I missed. I bought Vol. 1 of Thor by Dan Jurgens and John Romita Jr. (from 1998-‘99) just for my trip to Houston.

Anyway, there’s no doubt that Morales would kick Deadpool’s overrated ass.

I have no idea, however, what will happen with the Judah-Paris fight. I also picked Judah to beat Khan and I’ll be the first to admit that he’s one of those fighters I can never quite figure out. The Brooklyn native’s got world-class talent, solid skills, great experience, lots of heart and a willingness to fight anybody but something’s missing. I don’t know if it’s his character or if it’s psychological, but he has a way of underperforming in fights he should win on paper. I mean, let’s be honest, Carlos Baldomir can thank Judah for the couple million bucks he pocketed from his fights with Arturo Gatti, Floyd Mayweather and Vernon Forrest. Judah basically gave that dude the welterweight title.

And that was more than six years ago. Judah’s older, more battle scarred, and he’s fighting a man who is much younger (24) and way more talented than Baldomir. Paris is also a Detroit player. He’s not pretending to be “street” like so many young African-American boxer, he really is gangster.  

I’m leaning towards Paris in this one, but it’s hard to outright pick a guy who’s best victory is against Tim Coleman.

Oh, and Todd the Terminator returns in this mailbag.


Hey Dougie,

Been reading the mailbag for a long time, one reason I always visit every Monday and Friday. I always feature the mailbag on my blog ( every Monday, and I think you do a lot to educate some of the readers of it about the fight game.

Anyway, question time: do you think Erik Morales has anything left in the tank, or is it Danny Garcia’s time to shine? Me personally, I think Morales still has a few more fights in him. Sure he’s been in a bunch of wars but Erik is a goddamned warrior. With last year’s Maidana fight everyone seemed worried for Morales’ health going in there with the young Argentinean and he showed just how durable he is.

Another question, why are people hating on Sergio Martinez so damn much? The guy has proven himself in the ring, wants to fight the best and is willing to give them what they want to make it happen, and it seems like if he isn’t KOing cats in the first couple of rounds people start busting his balls and saying he’s overrated. As far as I’m concerned, when you see Martinez taking his time in the earlier rounds of a fight it’s because the dude is just figuring out the timing and tendencies of his opponent. It’s certainly what happened with Matthew Macklin. As soon as he figured out the proper timing he was hitting him with the same shots over and over again and Macklin couldn’t respond. People need to realize he’s just as good as he gets credit for, not overrated.

And finally, a little fantasy matchup here cause I know you like those: Sergio Martinez versus Joe Calzaghe at 164. I’m picking Calzaghe, personally. He simply does not get enough credit for his talents as far as I’m concerned. Martinez can figure out traditional boxers and sluggers, but Calzaghe was neither. He had an ambidextrous punching style and puzzling footwork and I don’t think Martinez would be able to crack the code. Instead I think he’d be beat down by Calzaghe’s prolific onslaught and lose a UD. Cheers. – Mike

Yeah, I agree with your pick in that mythical matchup. Calzaghe is just as smart, proud, versatile, athletic and tough as Martinez, plus he had a busier style and he was naturally bigger. Martinez can still make 154 pounds. Calzaghe probably would have had to starve himself to make that 164-pound catchweight you proposed.

I don’t get all the hyper criticism on Martinez, either. Pretty much everyone predicted that Martinez would engage Macklin on even terms over the first half of the bout before stopping the Irish challenger late. That’s what happened, so why are so many boxing writers and fans disappointed?

Maybe it’s because most expected Macklin to compete with Martinez with sheer pressure and brute force. Instead, the British contender boxed. Macklin’s not thought of as a boxer, so for him to be even with Martinez (and even ahead on some scorecards) after six or seven rounds makes some question the skill/talent of the middleweight champ.

Most of the criticism, however, stems from Martinez’s pound-for-pound placement. He’s No. 3 on a lot of lists, so he gets compared to Nos. 1 and 2. And I guess if you compare him to Manny and Floyd, Sergio does fall a bit short.

I don’t do that. I just view him as the middleweight champ and the world’s best fighter at 154-160 pounds. And I like to watch the man fight. It would be great if he got the winner the winner of Cotto-Mayweather (which is doubtful), but I would enjoy watching him fight the Felix Sturm-Sebastian Zbik winner, any of the other beltholders (Junior, Daniel Geale, Dmitry Pirog and my personal favorite, Gennady Golovkin), or Kirkland (if the Texas badass gets past Molina tomorrow).

I think Morales has enough left in his tank to take care of Garcia. We’ll see if my hunch is right tomorrow. Win or lose, I know El Terrible’s going to give his all and give us a good fight.

Thanks for the very kind words and for including my mailbags on your blog site. I’m honored.

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