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H. Marquez-Mayol bout in turmoil

The handlers of former junior flyweight titleholder, Rodel Mayol, are threatening to pull the challenger out of his challenge to WBA flyweight titleholder Hernan Marquez in Marquez’s native Mexico on Saturday over a concern about Marquez’s weight at Friday’s weigh-in.

Michael Koncz, of Manny Pacquiao’s MP Promotions, is disputing whether or not Marquez made the 112-pound limit after four tries, contending that he last heard the champion’s announced weight to be at two pounds over the contracted mark.

“We were contracted to fight for a world championship at 112 pounds. As it stands right now, the fight between Mayol and Marquez for the world championship is in jeopardy regarding the weight because I believe that Marquez is two pounds over,” said Koncz, from Ciudad Obregon.

“Mayol weighed in at 112 pounds, right on the button. This is bulls–t. We’re not fighting an overweight fighter. If you guys want to cheat us, I’m going to look out for the health and the safety of our fighter. As it stands as of this moment, we will not fight.”

Koncz said said Marquez was surrounded by a number of his handlers and camp members while weighing in.

“Marquez comes off the scale after he had weighed four times in about two minutes…,” said Koncz. “The first three times that he went up there, the commission said that he’s a kilo over, which is two pounds. Then he stepped on it again, and they said that he’s fine, and I said, ‘bulls–t.'”

Koncz said he lodged a complaint with on-site WBA supervisor, Alberto Sarmiento, followed by Mexican commission representative, Jorge Aguilar, but that neither would force Marquez to weigh again without interfearance from Marquez’s handlers.

“The WBA supervisor was standing right next to me on stage,” said Koncz. “I’m lodging my complaint to him, but he tells me to speak with the commission representative.”

Marquez’s promoter, Fernando Beltran, President of Zanfer Promotions, could not be reached, but Koncz said he expected to address the issue with Beltran on Saturday morning.

“I have not spoken to Fernando, but he’ll be here tomorow,” said Koncz. “I’ll speak to him tomorrow.”

Koncz said he also refused to participate in the post-fight rules meeting.

Matchmaker Sean Gibbons, of Zanfer, was also on hand.

“I’m just the matchmaker with Zanfer Promotions, which facilitated the match,” said Gibbons. “I’m just here to make sure that everything is done correctly.”

Of Gibbons, Koncz said, “He’s not choosing sides, but I just want to make sure that everything is on the up-and-up.”


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