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Gatti’s widow the focus on 48 hours

CBS will air an update of “Arturo Gatti’s Last Fight,” its continuing coverage of the case surrounding the death of former world champion Arturo Gatti on Saturday night at 10 p.m. ET.PT, picking up where it left off following its initial broadcast on September 24 of last year.

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The segment will begin at a time prior to when the case was handled in Canada and after Brazilian authorities ruled suicide and the U.S. ruled murder. It will feature the only interview given by Amanda Rodrigues Gatti, who was originally arrested as a suspect in the case but later released.

More about the episode is available below:

WHAT: More evidence has surfaced in the nearly three year old mystery of world renowned boxer Arturo Gatti: Did he commit suicide or was he murdered for his millions?

WHO: In July 2009, three-time world championship boxer Arturo Gatti, his wife, Amanda, and their young son traveled to Brazil for a family vacation. The morning after a public altercation, Arturo’s lifeless body was found on the floor of the couple’s vacation condominium.

Brazilian authorities quickly arrested Amanda and held her in jail for three weeks on suspicion of murder. After ruling Gatti had committed suicide, she was released. Refusing to believe that ruling, Gatti’s family launched their own investigation, which concluded that the boxer had been murdered.

With conflicting cause of death reports from authorities in Brazil and the United States, and the Gatti fortune at stake, the case was presented to Gatti’s native Canada for the final verdict.

In her only American network television interview, Amanda Gatti talks to 48 HOURS MYSTERY correspondent Erin Moriarty about the night her husband died, reveals the dark side of life with the world famous fighter and what has happened since the bitter legal battle over the Gatti fortune ensued.

Additionally, the broadcast includes an interview with one of Gatti’s fiercest opponents in the ring, Micky Ward, who was portrayed by actor Mark Wahlberg in the 2010 film “The Fighter.” Ward believes that Amanda knows more than she has revealed about the fighter’s death.

WHEN: Saturday, March 24 (10:00 P.M. ET/PT)

WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: Following the September 24, 2011 season premiere broadcast of 48 HOURS MYSTERY’s “Arturo Gatti’s Last Fight,” many startling facts came to light. With conflicting conclusions and a large estate pending, a lengthy legal battle – spanning three countries – began between the Gatti family and Amanda.

In December 2011, the Quebec coroner ruled that there was no evidence of foul play in Arturo’s death and a Quebec judge awarded Amanda the entire multi-million dollar estate. 48 HOURS MYSTERY’s Moriarty reports in an updated broadcast of “Arturo Gatti’s Last Fight,” while detailing the intricacies of this case and revealing why this might not be the final round in the Gatti match.


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