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Lundy says he’ll beat Williams and put on a show

Even when Hank Lundy lost for the first and only time of his pro career – against John Molina (right) in July of 2010 – the charismatic Philadelphian was entertaining.


“Hammerin’” Hank Lundy has developed a reputation as an exciting television fighter, making for great fights on ESPN’s Friday Night Fights last year.

He engaged in exciting lightweight brawls with Patrick Lopez and David Diaz, scoring key victories after his first professional loss to RING-rated John John Molina.

Lundy looks to continue his win streak on his way to a world title shot – and further establish himself as an all-action fighter – when he takes on “Dangerous” Dannie Williams in the main event of ESPN 2’s Friday Night Fights at the Foxwoods Resort Theater in Mashantucket, Conn. (9 p.m. ET).

“I come in there and lay it all on the line,” Lundy told RingTV.com of his crowd-pleasing style. “Most of these fighters they forget that at the end of the day, the fans make you who you are, and I do it for my fans. When I get in front of that light, I show up.”

Lundy (21-1-1, 11 knockouts) has engaged in a war of words with Williams (21-1, 17 knockouts) in the lead-up to this bout, but he claims he has no personal ill will towards the 27-year-old from St. Louis.

“I don’t dislike the guy, but he’s talking trash and I’m one of those fighters – I don’t need anybody to do the trash talking for me,” said Lundy. “The only thing I got against him right now is him trying to take food out of my kids’ mouths.

“He’s no problem for me. They say he can punch, but if you look at who he fought, c’mon now, let’s be serious. If he was fighting legitimate fighters like I fought, and he made some noise, then I could see him as a big threat. They say he’s got a big right hand. John Molina had a big right hand, when it caught me, it didn’t knock me out, the referee stepped in and stopped the fight. I’ve been fighting killers.”

The 28-year-old from Philadelphia has learned from his past mistakes. In July 2010, Lundy was cruising to a victory over Molina when he got reckless. He began leaving his hands at his sides, toying with Molina.

That’s when Molina changed the tide of the fight, dropping Lundy in the eighth round before stopping him in the 11th. It was a valuable lesson for Lundy.

“I didn’t respect the game, me being a young prospect, I got careless and lackadaisical,” said Lundy. “I was beating the guy so bad I got bored in the fight. But you know what, there’s no more playing now. As you see after that Molina fight, I went on a tear.”

Williams is confident that he can pin the second loss on Lundy’s ledger on Friday, knowing that he brings a game-changing punch to the fight.

“People like to see exactly what I bring to this sport – my knockouts,” said Williams. “Everybody knows I bring excitement. He thinks that he’s going to out-box me, but I’m bringing my power, speed and lots of pressure. We have a good game plan for him. I’m going to mix it up so there’ll be no question in the minds of the judges that I’ve [defeated him].”

Lundy is proud to carry the tag of “Philadelphia fighter”. He feels that the mean streets of the “City of Brotherly Love” are a big part of his demeanor in the ring.

“The streets of Philadelphia made me into a monster,” said Lundy. “It was rough [growing up]. It showed me that in the ring, you can’t back down from nobody. In the street, that’s all I came up doing – fighting.”

Lundy was close to fighting Antonio DeMarco for the WBC lightweight title in April, but DeMarco’s team turned down the fight after it was approved, according to Lundy. Lundy feels DeMarco’s handlers knew how tough the fight would be, calling for them to find a safer opponent.

“They know what they got in front of them,” said Lundy. “I got a little something that Linares don’t have. I got heart and determination and footwork.

“I want Brandon Rios, I’ll take Adrien Broner,” said Lundy. “Anyone at 135, 140, doesn’t matter, I want the fight. I deserve to be on top. I’m ready for all these guys. I’m tired of people saying ‘Oh, you’re not ready for this’. Put someone in front of me and watch what I do to them.”

Lundy is ready for the top fights, but he will have to prove it on Friday – and he relishes the opportunity.

“They’re going to see the best of “Hammerin’ Hank” on March 30th,” said Lundy. “I ain’t playing no more. I’m on a mission right now and I’m gonna show the world.”



Photo / Emily Harney-Fightwireimages.com

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