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Lem’s latest: Marquez eyes Fedchenko, craves rematch with Pacquiao



If Marquez and Rios win, Arum said that he will go to work immediately on setting them up to face each other on July 14 at The Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

“We’re focused on April 14, as well. Juan Manuel has his hands full with this Russian fighter, Brandon Rios has a tough fight with the Cuban, Richard Abril. But I promise you, that within a couple of days after the fight, if both men are successful, that I’ll talk to each of their camps,” said Arum.

“This is a business, and let’s see if we can put a fight between the two of them together. First, they’ve got to win, and then they’ve got to agree to the fight. We haven’t talked to either of them about terms or anything yet. We’re holding Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, for the match if we make it. But one step at a time.”


Rios lost his WBA title and $20,000 to Murray the night before their fight when he failed to make the contracted 135-pound weight limit after three tries on the scale, an infraction that costs Rios his title in accordance with WBA rules.

Rios weighed 146.4 pounds at a 9 a.m. weigh-in the day of the bout, in agreement with a deal with Murray’s camp that allows their fight to go on, with only Murray having a chance to win the vacated crown in victory.

“That sucked. It was horrible. The way that I lost the title, I lost it to myself. After the fight, I was down for a while, because I saw that I lost my title. But you know what? I had to get over it,” said Rios.

“My wife helped me a lot. She told me not to mess up my career. At least I get to fight for it again. I think [manager] Cameron Dunkin, I think the WBA and I thank Top Rank for giving me a chance to fight for my title again.”

But for Abril, Rios said that a switch in nutritionists has made a big difference in the weight-cutting issues.

“Right away, we’ve hired a nutritionist. His name is Cecilio Flores. He came in and he’s helping us out. The weight is coming off. I feel great. I feel good. Usually at this point, I’m dead, dry and f–ked up and don’t feel like doing too much,” said Rios.

“But now, it’s different. Cecilio has been helping us out a lot. I still feel strong, and I’m ready to just rock and roll on April 14 and show the world I haven’t gone nowhere. The big difference, eating-wise, is that I still have the power and the force more than I usually do at this point.”

Photo by Chris Farina, Top Rank

Photos by Naoki Fukuda

Photo by Chris Farina, Top Rank

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