RingTV Poll: More than 80 percent say Abril beat Rios

More than 80 percent of those who took part in the latest RingTV Poll believe that Richard Abril should’ve been awarded the decision against Brandon Rios on Saturday night in Las Vegas. Rios won a split decision.

The poll question was: What score here is closest to your score for the Brandon Rios-Richard Abril fight on Saturday night?

This is how readers voted: 117-111 for Abril, 39.8 percent; 116-112 for Abril, 28.4 percent; 115-113 for Abril, 13.9 percent; draw, 8.3 percent; 115-113 for Rios, 6.5 percent; 116-112 for Rios, 1.6 percent; and 117-111 for Rios, 1.5 percent.

That means 82.1 percent of those who took part believe Abril won the fight and 9.6 percent believe Rios won.

Here are the official scores: Adalaide Byrd, 117-111 for Abril; Jerry Roth, 116-112 for Rios; and Glenn Trowbridge, 115-113 for Rios.

Almost 2,000 readers took part in the poll.


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