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Who wins Mares-Morel? The experts weigh in


Norm Frauenheim, www.15rounds.com

Abner Mares UD 12 Eric Morel: Eric Morel is tough enough to test Abner Mares in Mares’ first fight at 122 pounds. Morel, a former flyweight and super-flyweight champion, is 11-0 at bantamweight since his release from prison in 2007 after serving two years on a sexual assault conviction.

He knows his way around the ring. But so does Mares, who is 10 years younger and displayed poise in an adjustment to a low-blow controversy before a rematch victory over Joseph Agbeko. Another display of smarts and resilience could make Mares the next big star in the small weights.

Record: 4-2

Robert Guerrero, five-belt, three-division titlewinner

Abner Mares SD 12 Eric Morel: Eric Morel is a very crafty and durable fighter but I believe Abner Mares is on a mission to stay on top. This fight will go the distance. Abner Mares by split decision.

Record 3-2

Igor Guryashkin, ESPN.com

Abner Mares UD 12 Eric Morel: On paper, this is a reasonably even match up. But Abner Mares is the younger, fresher and more dynamic fighter who will come forward relentlessly.

Mares will take the fight by four or five rounds, perhaps securing a late knock out against Morel, with the stoppage happening in about round 11.

Record 0-0

Keith Idec, The Record/BoxingScene.com

Abner Mares UD 12 Eric Morel: Eric Morel has put together a solid winning streak, but he hasn’t beaten anyone during it that is on Abner Mares’ level.

Mares will get after the 36-year-old Morel’s body early, wear him down and win an easy decision, maybe even score a late stoppage.

Record: 1-1

Kevin Iole, Yahaoo!Sports

Abner Mares TKO 9 Eric Morel: Abner Mares is a stronger, more active fighter who will slowly break Eric Morel down as the fight wears on. I don’t see Morel being able to take the punishment he’ll receive from Mares,

And the wear and tear of Morel’s 48 fights and 36 years will show. Mares will win by stoppage in a bout that continues to improve his already impressive resume.

Record: 5-1

Steve Kim, Maxboxing.com

Abner Mares W 12 Eric Morel: Bottom line, Abner Mares is in his prime, and I think he’s the bigger fighter here. I like him to win a clear decision over Eric Morel as he controls the center of the ring for much of the night in El Paso.

Record: 6-0

Paulie Malignaggi, welterweight contender, former IBF junior welterweight beltholder

Abner Mares UD 12 Eric Morel: I’ve got Abner Mares. He’s young and starting to show he is a real force with solid wins over some of today’s best bantamweights. 

Eric Morel was great in his day but he may be a bit past his best days now and that won’t cut it against Mares.  Mares by unanimous decision.

Record: 4-2


Ryan Maquinana, CSNBAYAREA/BoxingScene.com

Abner Mares UD12 Eric Morel: I would have started with Abner Mares’ ability to handle the new weight class. But Eric Morel faces the same questions and will also be coming up from bantamweight.

So that becomes less of an issue. I like Mares to chase the stylist Morel down and outwork him toward a wide decision.

Record: 4-2

Jack Obermayer, USA Boxing News

Abner Mares KO 11 Eric Morel: Simply put, Abner Mares is still going forward, while Eric Morel is living off the past. It will be something like Danny Garcia-Eric Morales.

I believe Mares takes control in mid rounds and coasts to a points win. No, check that, make it a stoppage in round eleven.

Record: 0-0

Gabriel Montoya, MaxBoxing.com, Leave-it-in-the-ring.com

Abner Mares UD 12 Eric Morel: Abner Mares is coming off one of the toughest stretches you can ask for from any fighter at bantamweight.

With a disputed draw with Yhonny Perez, and wins over Vic Darchinyan and Joesph Agbeko twice, there is no question that Mares is the most accomplished and arguably most versatile fighter curreny in the division.

To beat him, one has to bring something to the table that none of the aforementioned men did. Eric Morel, a flyweight and super flyweight who, at age 36, is not exactly super fly anymore, possesses none of those things.

He’s older, smaller of frame and lacks the power or strength to off-set Mares’ many strengths. It will be a chess match early and a one-sided fight late. Mares by unanimous decision.

Record: 3-0

Chris Robinson, The Examiner.com/BoxingScene.com

Abner Mares UD 12 Eric Morel: Haven’t been blown away by Eric Morel’s comeback and felt the he received a gift-decision over Gerry Penalosa a few years back in Las Vegas.

Abner Mares is a solid fighter and seems to have the type of frame that will allow him to make the move to 122 pounds fairly well. I like Abner in this one pretty big. Mares by unanimous decision

Record: 2-0

Cliff Rold, BoxingScene.com

Abner Mares UD 12 Eric Morel:  It’s hard to see Eric Morel winning here.  He’s smaller, older, and hasn’t won a significant fight in years. The Gerry Penalosa fight could have gone the other way, and that’s as close as it gets. . 

Abner Mares was no worse than the third best Bantamweight of the division’s excellent recent run and that class will show. 

Mares’s body attack and pursuit will be enough to dog Morel to a decision win.  If Mares were a bigger puncher, this one might get ugly. 

Record: 4-2

Michael Rosenthal, Editor of THE RING

Abner Mares UD 12 Eric Morel: Abner Mares has a lot in common with his opponent, Eric Morel. They both had impressive amateur careers. They’re both skillful boxer-punchers. They’re both tough. The difference is that this is Mares’ time.

Morel, 36, remains a good fighter but he’s not what he once was. He has made a successful comeback from his three-year hiatius from boxing but has beaten mostly marginal opponents. Meanwhile, Mares, 26, has proved his mettle with a string of victories over elite opponents the past years.

The only advantage Morel will have is experience and that won’t be enough. Mares will outclass the old man in every respect and win a one-sided decision.

Record: 5-0

Ryan Songalia, RingTV.com

Abner Mares W 12 Eric Morel: I’m going with Abner Mares by decision. I don’t think Abner Mares has the power to finish off Eric Morel.

Morel remains crafty in his old age and will go back into a defensive posture and coast if he feels threatened by Mares’ strength.

Record 5-1


The experts favor the versatile Abner Mares to take the resourceful Eric Morel, 17-0

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