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THE RING June issue: At a glance



Can’t get enough on the upcoming Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Miguel Cotto fight? Check out the June 2012 issue of THE RING Magazine.

THE RING has devoted 28 pages to the much-anticipated junior middleweight title fight and the Saul “Canelo” Alvarez-Shane Mosley showdown, which is on the undercard May 5 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Gary Andrew Poole writes in SECOND CHOICE, FIRST RATE that we’d rather see Mayweather fight Manny Pacquiao but Cotto, a future Hall of Famer, is a legitimate opponent.

Say what you want about Mayweather but, Norm Frauenheim writes in ON THE MONEY, the boxing superstar has brilliantly turned his bad-boy image into a large fortune.

altRon Borges asks an important question about Cotto in RESURRECTION OR MIRAGE?, although the Puerto Rican clearly remains an important fighter no matter how you see him.

In HEAD TO HEAD, analyst extraordinaire Doug Fischer breaks down the fight by comparing Mayweather and Cotto in 20 categories and then providing his prediction.

And Bart Barry writes in DEVOURING OUR OLD that the Alvarez-Mosley fight could be a classic example of a rising fighter stepping on a faded one as he continues his ascent.

Also in the June issue, Tim Smith asks in FIGHTERS AND FAITH: How do devout fighters reconcile the violence of boxing with their religious beliefs?

Don Stradley writes in WILD RIDE that even a fighter as talented as Demetrius Andrade encounters bumps on the road to success.

In PETERSON-KHAN II GAINS BIPARTISAN APPROVAL, Bernard Fernandez writes that the principals both see their May 19 rematch as an opportunity to set things straight.

And, in A SONNY DAY, Ryan Songalia provides the drama behind Sonny Boy Jaro’s amazing upset of Pongsaklek Wonjongkam.

Among other features in this issue:

  • David Greisman writes in READY TO GRUMBLE that we need fewer Klitschko beatdowns and more heavyweight fights like the one Marco Huck and Alexander Povetkin gave us.
  • Former junior middleweight titleholder Fernando Vargas reveals his top opponents in BEST I’VE FACED.
  • In SIX PACK, T.K. Stewart talks to Tim Bradley about his unusual vegan diet.
  • David Avila writes in WOMEN’S BOXING that Europeans will have an advantage over Americans in the London Olympics.
  • And Frauenheim takes a look at the Irish Olympic team in AMATEURS.


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