Gareth A Davies

From the Telegraph: Froch dismisses Bute’s record

Exclusive: Carl Froch dismissed Lucian Bute’s unbeaten 30-fight record on Thursday, insisting that he is the first “big name” the Romanian, who is based in Canada, has faced.

“He has had a couple of half-decent fights, but nothing like this,” 34-year-old Froch told The Telegraph. “This fight is the first one that stands out.

“Lucian Bute has (wins) against all the people he has fought – he’s a
winner – but there’s no real names on there that you can go “wow, he
beat him, he beat him’.”

Froch and Bute fight Saturday in Nottingham, England, Froch’s hometown.


Gareth A Davies is the boxing correspondent for The Telegraph


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