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I’m a Bradley fan, and I pegged him to win Saturday night. I don’t think he did. At most I gave him 3 rounds. When the scores were first read, I cried “BULLS__T!” to my television. Everyone agreed.

Having said that, props to Bradley and Pacquiao. Neither one pulled a “I’m the greatest!” ego-maniacal douche bag moment at the end. You can’t expect a prize fighter to say “I lost” when given the decision. Also, neither cried foul of the judges’ scores or crapped on their opponent. They were complete gentlemen afterwards and I think that’s a good thing.

Second, this shouldn’t have perplexed HBO as much as it did. The whole fight they kept talking about how Pacquiao appeared to be consciously taking the first two minutes of every round off and then flurrying to win the last minute. Now, in a lot of those flurries I think Bradley gave as good as he got (especially in the later rounds). So, you’re a Vegas judge and Manny isn’t fighting much for 2 minutes, then the third minute you see an ‘even’ fight. Who do you give the round to? It’s quite possible you give the edge to Bradley. Judges don’t have the virtue of CompuBox to help them in their decisions. They go off of what they see. So, if you have that situation going on, and admittedly you’re giving the benefit of the doubt to Bradley, I can totally see 115-113 for him. I don’t agree with it. I saw 117-111 at best for Pacquiao (without the benefit of the sound off), but I don’t think it is the highway robbery or the Bob Arum machinations a lot of bloggers and posters are screaming about.

Regardless, rematch is coming and we’ll see if Pacquiao brings the heat, or if Bradley learns from his experience and grows from it. Personally, I’m looking forward to it. – Kyle in Washington

You are proof that boxing will always have a small but dedicated fan base in the U.S., Kyle. You don’t mind too much if the judges or broadcasters see a different fight than you did and you don’t mind watching a pay-per-view rematch of controversial pay-per-view fight that was mildly entertaining at best. In other words, you’re a rational boxing fan with disposable income. God bless America.

Personally, I think Bradley-Pacquiao II is a hard sell. Maybe if Arum and HBO really push the “Pacquiao’s revenge” angle and Bradley, who is better known to casual fans now, guarantees a better fight (with healthy ankles) the rematch can do better numbers than the first fight. However, I don’t think Saturday’s event did well by Pacquiao’s usual PPV and live gate standards. I’m positive there will be a considerable drop in pay-per-view and ticket-sales revenue from the Pacquiao-Marquez III and Pacquiao-Mosley events of last year.  


Dougie! What is going on my man?

So I believe I am in the minority by saying that I am not outraged by the Bradley-Pac decision. I watched the fight on a non-English speaking feed and scored it a draw. I marked the rounds that I believed could have gone either way and 115-113 in either direction did not seem unfair. You read some online articles or listen to people like Lampley and Teddy Atlas saying this is THE worst decision they have ever seen and I just can’t believe what I am hearing. This is not even the worst decision in the past 3 months! Go ask Richard Abril which has been the worst decision in the last 3 months and I bet he will have a different answer than some of these analysts.

I thought the fight was pretty even throughout, Bradley remained aggressive and did not back down, meanwhile Pac stayed busy but just could not get him out of there. Pac gave away the last 3 rounds.

How did you see it? I for one am glad that maybe we can officially stop talking about the Floyd Mayweather-Pac “dream fight” at least until November. I think that Timmy can beat Pac again by decision in their rematch. I wonder if Pac now feels any compassion towards a sour Marquez?

What did you think about Kelly Pavlik? I don’t see him up at the championship level. Maybe that train has left the station for him. And Mike Lee… ughhh he was hard to watch! Glad to see the Randall Bailey’s of the world maintain their status as true litmus tests.

Who do you have for this weekend? I think Andy Lee is a live dog and will take Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. out of there if he does not come ready!

Alright Dougie, don’t lose your cool with the overflow of emails talking about how Arum bought the judges to affect his cash cow! Take care. – Hector

Anyone who thinks Arum wanted Bradley to win an unpopular decision over the star of his company is completely out of his or her mind. And I’m guessing they weren’t at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, where Pacquiao failed to sell out the venue for the first time in many years. There were cheap seats available the day of the fight, just an hour or two before the pay-per-view portion of the card was to begin. Unlike Marquez, Mosley, Cotto, Hatton, and De La Hoya, Bradley did not bring star power or a dedicated fan base to this event.

I’m not sure winning a controversial decision is going to change that fact. Arum knows this. He likes Timmy and I can tell that he’s sincere when he says that he’s happy for the Palm Springs native, but Bradley’s victory will cost Top Rank money. Arum stood to make a lot more dough from Pacquiao-Marquez IV than he will with Bradley-Pacquiao II.

Anyway, I agree that Saturday’s decision is not the worst ever. It’s the shock factor of a bona-fide super star losing a fight that most thought he won that has everyone up in arms.

I also agree that Lee is a live dog against Junior, but I think Chavez’s solid chin, size and steady aggression will see him through to a decision (hopefully not a controversial one).

I wonder how many current RING-ranked welterweights would pass the litmus test of the new IBF titleholder.

I’ll reserve an opinion on Pavlik’s upside until I see him in with a better caliber opponent.

Regarding Pacquiao-Bradley, I don’t think the defending WBO welterweight titleholder gave away the last three rounds. I thought Bradley moved well in the championship rounds. He slipped and blocked Pacquiao’s punches and he let his hands go in spots, but I didn’t think he ever mounted an effective offense against Pacquiao, who did often wait until the last minute to take it to the challenger – but when he did, he got results. Timmy usually backed off or found himself on the ropes or in a corner, ducking, twisting and rolling to avoid getting clipped.

Maybe I’m just a jaded old man who was spoiled by the great prize fighters I watched tangle in the mega-fights of 1980s, but I wanted more from Bradley.  

Good point about Bradley’s victory killing the pointless “dream fight” talk (at least until November). That might be the only positive outcome of the decision.


Dear Doug:

PS – I am still dumbfounded by last night’s decision. How do you take belts away with that performance? Williams/Lara, Rios/Abril, now this? Seriously? I’ve definitely learned the only scorecards I can trust are yours, anyone named Lederman (aka Harold and Julie), and Adalaide Byrd. I’ve also learned that any future PPV’s I watch will be pirated on the internet for free because I’m done paying for this garbage.

Sincerely. – Matt In Mattawan

You’ve put me in good company, Matt (as long as you don’t count Byrd’s MMA scorecards). I’m honored.

I won’t condemn your choice to pirate internet feeds of pay-per-view shows (as long as you provide me links).

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