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Several points from a frustrated boxing fan.

1) I’m glad Jones got knocked out by Bailey. He’s simply not a good fighter and doesnt deserve to put us to sleep any further on Pacquiao undercards. Nice guy, not a nice addition to any card.
2) I give Arce the benefit of the doubt since he’s a proven warrior. That fight looked like it was going to be fantastic. Hopefully, we can see a rematch soon.
3) The Bradley decision is the worst I have ever seen and I have been an avid boxing fan for 15 years now. I don’t get it. You could read Bradley’s body language and he knew he didn’t win. This really pisses me off having to see so many MMA fans talking trash right now about my sport, but I really can’t blame them today.

Now for the question of all questions. I hate to ask it because this is my favorite sport by far, but……WAS THE FIX IN? Bob Arum knows there are not too many fighters out there that Manny can face outside of Mayweather and he knows that Manny is getting older. I think Arum also has little hope that Mayweather and Manny will ever fight. That being said, what is the biggest money maker for Top Rank and Manny? Every promoter knows a redemption fight for a mega star fighter like Pacquiao is a must see and even though we are all saying right now that we will never buy another pay per view, we all know deep down inside that we are full of s__t. I know I am because I’d buy the next one for sure.

Please tell me if I’m becoming jaded! – Paul, San Antonio, Texas

You’re not becoming jaded, Paul, you’re becoming crazy. Arum has lost money because of Bradley’s victory. He’s a shrewd businessman. He doesn’t like losing money. His company would have benefitted a lot more from Pacquiao-Marquez IV than Bradley-Pacquiao II. Enough of the “fix” nonsense, folks.

I’m happy for Bailey and look forward to seeing him fight the Kell Brook-Carson Jones winner (hopefully on U.S. TV). It will be interesting to see if Jones can bounce back from this kind of KO loss. That was the KO of the year, so far, IMO.

I absolutely give Arce the benefit of the doubt. I don’t think he was trying to sneak away from a hard fight. I don’t care to see Bradley-Pacquiao II but I’ll watch Arce-Rojas II.


Dear Doug:

Where were these judges when I fought Manny?

Sincerely – Juan Manuel Marquez

They would have had you winning by shutout, champ.


Hey Doug,

I can’t believe this. Pac really did get bonked. Not so much by Bradley’s head as by the judges. What the f__k?!! Who would have thought that HBO’s top cash-cow in boxing would get screwed like that by the judges, even with this era filled with horse-s__t decisions. And really, Bradley’s “win” was a smoldering pile of skunk-s__t. Some fans believe that the whole thing was a big fix set up by Sponge-Bob Square-Ass. Maybe. But why would boxing and especially Top Rank screw it’s golden goose like that? To prevent Pac going up against Sponge-Bob’s enemy Floyd Mayweather? No need to prevent something that wasn’t even going to happen in the first place.

Maybe those two judges were on drugs or they were gay. Who knows? With that said and done, I’ll still tip my hat off to Bradley (providing he himself can stretch a hat over that big Charlie Brown-head of his).

Hey, I didn’t even think he was going to last past the sixth round let alone fight on to the finish. Especially with that injury he sustained in the second round. His heart and balls are even bigger than his cranium. I’ll give him that.

Anyways, a bull-s__t win still goes in the record-books as a win I suppose. So that means I’ll lay off for a couple of months. And for those ass-holes who’ve been cursing me out after my E-mails: Thank the judges.

Take care, Dougie. I’ll still be reading. – Todd The Terminator

altWe’ll miss you, Todd. (Well, I will, anyway.)

You cracked me up with the Charlie Brown comparison. (After the scorecards were announced on Saturday, I felt like yelling “Aaugh!” the way Chuck always did when he lost a baseball game or when Lucy would yank the football away from him just as he was about to kick it.)

You should open a Twitter account just stay sharp until your triumphant return to the mailbag. May I suggest “Fake Lem Satterfield”? (Just kidding.)



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