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Nevada Commission director, judges to review Pacquiao-Bradley

Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer plans to review the video of Tim Bradley’s disputed split-decision that dethroned Manny Pacquiao as WBO welterweight titleholder separately with each of the fight’s three judges, Kizer told RingTV.com on Monday.

Bradley (29-0, 12 knockouts) was awarded the victory over Pacquiao by the scores of 115-113 on the cards of judges C.J. Ross and Duane Ford, while Jerry Roth had it for Pacquiao by the same score. An informal poll of 51 writers by Ryan Maquinana favored Pacquiao over Bradley, 48-3.

HBO’s unofficial ringside scorer, Harold Lederman, who had it, 119-109 for Pacquiao (or 11-rounds-to-one), called Ford a “solid” official, labeled Ross “mediocre” and “shaky” and considered Roth to be suspect but “usually very solid” during his on-the-air pre- and post-fight assessments of the officials. 

“I’ve talked with all three judges after the bout, as well as today.  We’re going to review the tape of the bout because there was so much controversy, and because there was so much disagreement with the decision.  Even with bouts with less controversy, judges like to review the tape anyway,” said Kizer. 

“I want them to review it with me for my own edification. So I’m going to have them come in individually and we will watch it. I expect these judges will show that they used correct scoring criteria and can verbalize their decision-making, as they have been able to do in the past.”

Kizer’s decision was made on the same day that Top Rank CEO Bob Arum, who promotes both Pacquiao and Bradley,  told RingTV.com that he has requested that Nevada attorney general Catherine Cortez Masto investigate the results of Bradley-Pacquiao, which took place on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

“This is by no means any kind of negative thing. I want to have them come in and take a look at the replay with me, which happens from time to time, and which they were going to do on their own anyway. With competitive bouts, sometimes you agree and sometimes you disagree with others’ round scores,” said Kizer.

“They [judges] see the bout from different angles and have to subjectively decide how hard a punch was, and relate it to the other punches landed in that same round.  You do your round by round scoring and there are often a lot of close rounds. It’s hard to evaluate in real time.”

Pacquiao (54-4-2, 38 KOs) out-landed Bradley in 10 of the 12 rounds, with the overall count in his favor 253-to-159. He also scored with more total jabs (63-51) and power punches (190-108). Bradley out-landed Pacquiao in only the ninth round, while the 10th was even in punches connected with each landing 14.

Kizer said the idea is to examine each of the indviduals’ judging criteria.

“What you do is you go through and you watch the rounds, especially the rounds where there was disagreement among the judges, and you go through the rounds. You stop the fight a couple of times during the round and say, ‘right now, where did you have the round?’ or ‘how did you have it scored through the first minute and 10 seconds,'” said Kizer.

“What I’m interested is seeing is where the rounds were close, and why one judge went this way and the other two went the other way. What was the difference in A) how close it was in their minds, and B) what was the difference in that round that they gave that round to Pacquiao or they gave that round to Bradley. So again, what your looking for is A) a good explanation and B) very similar if not the exact same criteria that the judges are applying to what they see and what they hear.”

Roth is a veteran of 154 title fights. He scored Pacquiao’s second of three fights with four-division titlewinner Juan Manuel Marquez in favor of Marquez, 115-112. Pacquiao won that fight by a disputed split-decision and subsequently won a disputed majority decision over Marquez in November after having previously battled through a draw with Marquez.

In April, Roth also scored a controversial split-decision by lightweight Brandon Rios over Richard Abril in favor of Rios, 116-112.

A veteran of 149 fights, Ford teaches the courses to judges in Nevada and scored Pacquiao-Marquez II in favor of Pacquiao, 115-112. Ford also scored for Bradley, 97-93, during his 10th-round technical decision victory over Devon Alexander

Ross has worked 20 title fights.

Kizer said he wants to get the process going as soon as possible.

“I have to get a copy of the DVD first and have them stop in when available,” said Kizer. “Depending on their schedule, I would want to do it sometime this month.”

Photo by Naoki Fukuda

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