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Manager: Williams in good spirits, adds ‘We like where we are’

The manager of former two-time welterweight titleholder¬†Paul Williams told RingTV.com on Wednesday that the fighter is “in good sprits” after a May 27 career-ending motorcycle accident near Atlanta which left him paralyzed from the waist down.

Doctors at the Sheperd Center in Atlanta say that it’s too early to tell if Williams will ever walk again, although Williams is able to move himself from his bed to a wheelchair.

Dr. Donald P. Leslie, the medical director at the Shepherd Center, told The Associated Press that Williams’ spinal cord is not cut, but that the severity of the damage to it remains undetermined.

Williams did, however, have a fracture of the bone in his spine that encircles the spinal cord, and “the spinal cord was injured,” said Leslie.

“Paul’s spirits have increased considerabely,” said Williams’ manager and trainer, George Peterson. “But he’s basically the same. He’s doing great, and he’s going to leap this hurdle. For the most part, we like where we are.”


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