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Hey Doug,

Just read Timothy Bradley’s recent claim that if you take away the commentary and simply re-watch the fight without sound he feels that we’ll think he won it. Your thoughts? – Randolph V.

I have no problem with Bradley thinking he won the fight. I don’t mind him saying he won the fight even if he believes in his heart that he lost it.

However, the fight wasn’t close enough for him to blame the majority of the public’s perception on HBO’s commentary. At least 75 percent of the ringside media scored the fight for Pacquiao by a WIDE margin. They didn’t hear a word uttered by Jim Lampley, Max Kellerman or Harold Lederman.

Had Bradley connected on more of his punches, maybe he would have an argument. But he didn’t land enough. I’m not one to judge a fight solely on CompuBox statistics but the disparity in connected shots in this bout can’t be underplayed.

If the winner of Saturday’s fight was anyone other than Tim Bradley, I’d respectfully remind him that he only landed 159 of 839 punches, and politely ask him to remove his head from his ass.

I’d tell him that landing less than 200 punches over 12 rounds could be more than enough to win a fight if he punched like Randall Bailey. Timmy, if you can only connect with 19 percent of your total punches, you better make them count. Those better be TELLING blows, my brotha.

The one out of five punches you land better have a visible effect on your opponent. You better knock that fool down. You better rock him back on his heels, and you better gun for a knockout when you have him hurt. (You did not do that against Pacquiao.)

And if you CAN’T be the effective aggressor, you better not let other guy connect on 34 percent of his punches, as Pacquiao did on Saturday.

But I like Bradley, so I’m going to skip the lecture, take his advice and watch the tomorrow night’s HBO replay with the sound down. I just don’t think a lack of commentary is going make me ignore the fact that Pacquiao outlanded him (by 94 total punches and 82 power shots).  


Alright Doug,

I don’t often disagree with you but in Monday’s bag you said you thought fans would have a little less outrage if Duane Ford had made his comments to Max Kellerman post fight. Personally I think there would have been even more outrage at the staggering arrogance of the man and his pathetic defence of his bulls__t scoring. It sickens me that I paid good money (though not as much as you guys pay in the States) only to have this p___k make me embarrassed to be a boxing fan. Some of his remarks defy logic “Bradley gave Pacquiao a boxing lesson” – how so, by missing more closely with a lot more punches than Pac did when he loaded up a few times? “In pro boxing you look for damage” – yeah, and when did Timmy inflict any? I could go on but you know the rest.

And as for Bradley, I lost a lot of respect for him. I know a fighter is never going to concede defeat or anything like that, but to go on record and state that he dominated rounds 7-12. Come on, don’t alienate people with really stupid remarks like that, you don’t even have the nuthugger fans to attempt to back you up.

On more than one occasion this week I’ve thought f__k this sport, I’m finished with it ‘cos it just continues to screw its fans. But I know I’ll give in and come back, as early as Saturday probably when Quigg fights Munroe. And watching Cleverly and Brook over the next few years will keep me enticed. And then I think of Gatti, Corrales and so on and I’m back with it again.

But I’m loathe to pay for another Vegas card, especially if any of those f**king idiots are ringside. I think you or your boy Rosenthal should give them a right hook – CJ Ross excepted, that would be a Floyd trick – if you happen to run into them whilst covering any future fights. Your defence in court can be that it wasn’t intended as effective aggression. No jury in the world would convict you. All the best. – Craig

I’m more than happy to ridicule Ford and Ross, but I don’t wanna threaten any judges over unpopular scorecards. I want to encourage more judges to address the fans and defend their scorecards as Ford, who is generally more reliable than his Vegas veteran peers, did with his recent comments.

If they piss fans and the media off even more maybe they’ll create enough public outrage to encourage the state commissions to scrutinize their poor scoring.

I haven’t lost any respect for Bradley. I thought he fought an excellent fight. He just didn’t do nearly enough to beat Pacquiao in my opinion. But he still boxed and fought his ass off. I thought Pacquiao was going to seriously hurt him at some point during the fight and possibly stop him. That didn’t happen, and it’s because of Bradley’s skill, resolve and chin. He may not have deserved the decision he was awarded on Saturday but that doesn’t mean he won’t go on to win a lot of big fights.

I’m not going to be mad at Bradley for thinking he won. It’s refreshing when boxers keep it real, but most prize fighters have to believe they won controversial in order to carry their confidence into their next training camp and fight.

I know where you’re coming from in terms of “giving in” and “coming back” to the sport you love. As disappointed as I was Saturday night, I’m already Jonesing for boxing and I can’t wait to watch the Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.-Andy Lee and Tomasz Adamek-Eddie Chambers fights tomorrow night.


Hey Dougie,
One of my heroes died this week in Teofilo Stevenson. The guy was great boxer and it was refreshing to see a man who didn’t value money over people in life.

I think both he and Felix Savon would have been world champions if they had turned pro.

Some fantasy match ups for you in light of the death of a Cuban great:

Felix Savon vs Holyfield (at Heavyweight)
Teofilo Stevenson vs Ali
Mario Kindelan vs Mosley (at Lightweight)
Guillermo Rigeondeaux vs Donaire (at Super Bantam)

I see the Cubans winning all except the Ali and Donaire bout, but maybe that’s my bias. Cheers. – Leo

Stevenson was a hero to many. He was an iconic figure who transcended sports in Cuba, Latin America and Communist nations. He was arguably the greatest amateur heavyweight of all time,and he appeared to have the size, style, athleticism and mentality to excel in the pro ranks.

However, despite his amazing amateur accomplishments, I’d have to favor Ali over Stevenson in a professional bout (even one that was scheduled for four-to-six rounds). It’s conceivable that Stevenson could have bested the faded late-1970sAli, but the early-to-mid-‘70s version of The Greatest would have been too much in my opinion.

I think Holyfield would have out-worked, out-muscled and out-gutted Savon, an able-bodied giant who wielded an awesome right hand (but when did size and power ever deter the prime version of the Real Deal?)

Kindelan outboxes Mosley in an amateur lightweight bout, but he would get overpowered in a pro fight (especially given the day-before weigh-ins).

I go back and forth on who would win between Rigeondeaux and Donaire. They’re just going to have to settle who’s best in the ring.


Hi Dougie,
Firstly, I’m a big fan of your Monday mailbag. I think you generally manage to tease out all the really important points and interesting angles from the weekend’s fights, and I usually agree with the conclusions you reach. That said, I had one minor gripe this week: the last email you responded to contained the line “maybe those two judges were on drugs or they were gay,” and I would’ve liked to see you challenge that kind of casual homophobia from one of your correspondents. Why would the judges being gay affect their decision? How can it in any way be equated to being on drugs?! I’m not instinctively PC, but that felt like one of those pretty nasty remarks/insults that gay people have to suffer on a daily basis, and it would’ve been nice to see you, in your role as a journalist, pick up on it.

Sorry if that sounds like nit-picking. As I said, I really enjoy your writing, and this won’t stop me doing so in the future. I just thought I’d put my objection out there… Regards. – Chris

Thanks for sharing your opinion and concern, Chris. You weren’t the only reader who was put off or upset by that line in Todd’s email.

I didn’t call him on the line because I thought it was obvious that he was referring to Pacquiao’s controversial anti-gay marriage remarks prior to the fight. I honestly thought it was it clear that it was a sarcastic remark, however crass.

However, I agree that boxing fans – particularly those who post comments on message boards, Facebook pages, and under articles – use way too much homophobic rhetoric (along with racist and sexist remarks) and it needs to be discouraged as much as possible.


Doug –

What would happen between Tim Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez and Bradley and Floyd Mayweather? – Kevin Key, Minneapolis, MN

I think Bradley would narrowly outpoint Marquez in a pretty good fight. I think he can be competitive with Mayweather but I believe Floyd would win a clear decision in an intense but generally uneventful boxing match.


Hey Doug,

Bob Arum is no fool. He isn’t happy about this and personally I think he should call Freddie Roach, as hard as that may be for him to do, and ask him to work on Manny for another Marquez fight.

The public doesn’t need another Bradley encounter. We all know who won last Sunday morning’s fight (it was Sunday morning here in NYC!). Giving Bradley the benefit of the doubt on all close rounds, he still loses. Boxing should not be subjective to the point of blindness.

Pacquiao has unfinished business with Marquez. I believe the Pac-monster is 1-2 in his trilogy and I also believe he is seriously slowing down the last two years, so this fight needs to happen now. The clock is ticking. The simple fact that it will sell more tickets and please more fans is reason enough to pull the trigger. The tension in the arena for part IV will likely be insane and the odds will be near 50/50.

Manny is likely depressed right now, but he must know in his heart he won. Bradley doesn’t deserve a rematch. No offense to the kid (who showed heart and late, smarts) but business is business and in the business of boxing, Bradley is nothing compared to the future Hall of Famer, Marquez.

(P.S. I know you dig comic books. Next year I have one coming out and it will be illustrated by Mr. Chase Conley, the young, talented cat who just finished designing the upcoming BLACK DYNAMITE anime. It’s Death Wish meets V For Vendetta and riffs off of how stupidly irresponsible modern cable news has become. – Matt Stevens

I’ll definitely check out your comic book, Matt. Let me know when it’s completed. The premise sounds interesting. I’m not a huge fan of the anime style but I’ve seen Conley’s art and I like it.

There’s no doubt that Pacquiao-Marquez IV is a bigger money maker than Bradley-Pacquiao II, but I don’t see Arum telling the star of his stable to skip Timmy and go straight for the Mexican legend.

I think the old man is confident that Pacquiao – who is indeed slowing down and probably losing interest in the sport (and don’t think that Bob isn’t aware of it) – can beat Bradley (on the official scorecards) in the rematch and regain his WBO 147-pound title along with some of his lost luster. I think Arum wants to save a fourth bout with Marquez for May or June of 2013. If Pacquiao can win that fight without too much controversy, then, maybe he’ll finally give the Filipino icon the OK to make the super showdown with Mayweather.

Aw, who I am kidding? Arum will make a Pacquiao-Bradley rubbermatch before he gives the fans what they really want.



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