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We’re almost to the end of an eventful month of boxing, and since the RingTV.com writing staff did a great job of covering the sport during this active period, we’ve asked them to provide the URLs to their favorite stories of the past four weeks (and tell us why they chose these particular articles).

If you missed these gems the first time here’s another chance to read them. (The writers are presented in alphabetical order.) Enjoy!


Mike Coppinger –

“Chambers faces a high-stakes fight against Adamek”


“I picked my story on Eddie Chambers. He’s one of the nicest guys in boxing and gives a great interview. He fought valiantly with one arm against Adamek.”


Corey Erdman –

“Welterweight contender Bailey finally getting the breaks”


“This one’s worth mentioning because Randall Bailey discusses Mike Jones’ decision to use 8-oz. gloves. It then became the storyline (HBO commentator) Max Kellerman ran with when Bailey did in fact knock Jones out.”


Lee Groves –

“Tapia’s ‘Vida Loca’ comes to a close, a warrior finally finds peace”


“It was a pretty tough story to write on such short notice but I think I captured the triumphs of the ring and his struggles outside it pretty well.”

“Boxing and football: the message and the massage”


“One of the best stories I’ve ever written.”


Harry Pratt –

“Bute’s trainer unsure about rematch but praises Froch”


“This was a remarkable response from Lucian Bute’s trainer following his man’s crushing defeat to Carl Froch. Total respect to Stephan Larouche.”


Joseph Santoliquito –

“The American Dream Came Close To Being a Nightmare”


“The David Reid story is one of the most challenging things I’ve ever written. It was news that I had knowledge of for some time, but was ordered not to pursue at the time (and then was threatened by those same people after it was posted). I didn’t know exactly to what extreme he was struggling, but while I was sitting with some fighters after a local club show in Philly back in February someone brought David up, injecting some of the detail of all the manic things he had endured. I couldn’t (maybe didn’t want to) believe it until I got in touch with David himself.

“Though it’s a downer of a story, the intent was to bring light to the fact that David Reid, this 1996 Gold medalist in an Olympic year, still has good people around him who care about his well being. I have to give a lot of credit to Doug and Mike for supporting the story and their diligence in allowing me to pursue it.”


“Jennings turns blue-collar work ethic and NFL dreams into success”


“This story looking at the skyward arc that heavyweight Bryant Jennings’ career seems to be taking was far more upbeat than the David Reid story. He’s been a staple on NBC Sports Net’s Fight Night series and you have the sense he is going places.”


Lem Satterfield –

“Here’s my three favorites, in order of their hits on the site:”

“Nevada commission director judges to review Pacquiao-Bradley”
1) http://ringtv.craveonline.com/blog/173295-nevada-commission-director-judges-to-review-pacquiao-bradley

“WBO’s five judges for score for Pacquiao over Bradley”
2) http://ringtv.craveonline.com/blog/173455-wbos-five-judges-score-for-pacquiao-over-bradley

“Williams says he’s blessed to be alive”
3) http://ringtv.craveonline.com/blog/173089-williams-says-hes-blessed-to-be-alive

“This was Paul Williams’ first public interview with a boxing reporter after his accident. It was an exclusive.”


Ryan Songalia –

“Will Rosinsky: EMT by night and boxer by night, too”


“I enjoyed writing this story because I’ve followed Rosinsky’s career from the time he was the curtain jerker for the New York area club shows. I had no way of knowing that less than 24 hours after covering his decision win over Aaron Pryor Jr. that he’d be accepting an HBO-televised fight with former middleweight champ Kelly Pavlik. It’s amazing to see that kind of turnaround after the disappointing loss to Edwin Rodriguez.”

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