Constantino Garcia

Best Tweets of June

Welcome to our new monthly feature “Best Tweets,” where a variety of boxing industry Twitter comments are compiled by’s new social media intern Constantino “Tino” Garcia. All of these tweets were made during the month of June.


@MikeTyson: “Once I met Cus my whole life changed. I’ve never had an experience like being captivated and spending that 7 years with him.”

@MikeTyson: “My behavior gave me peace. My conduct gave me peace.”

@MikeTyson: “If you don’t have the desire, you don’t have the will, you start being hesitant. Once you start being hesitant you make mistakes & get hurt.”

@GeorgeForeman: “Pacquiao, Ali, Tyson, Mayweather, Lewis; we all had nothing without boxing. Olympic, WBA, WBC, IBF. Thank you.”

@TheRealBhop (Bernard Hopkins): “Right now in boxing there is very few CHAMPS a lot of belt holders!!!!”

@MannyPacquiaoOfficial: “The 3 people I admire most – my mother, my wife Jinkee and my trainer @FreddieRoach. That would complete my personal Mt Rushmore”

@FreddieRoach: “if u have the balls to throw punches on inside then u will get hit back.”

@FreddieRoach: “sounds like something id say RT @samuelcommins: If being a good person isn’t good enough then frankly u can go f__k yourself -Freddie Roach”

@AlBernstein: “the funny thing is most of u know (I’m) hardly ever this flippant, but honestly, Texas commission is a joke.”

@SugarShaneM: “Good Morning everybody Just want to thank you for showing me so much love. Had a great career and loved every moment of it, win, lose or draw.” (This tweet was Shane Mosley announcing his retirement)

@Andreward: “Real Talk!!! RT @usscunningham (Steve Cunningham): If I ever have to use peds then I quit boxing”

@Karl_Froch @Garrethwilson30: “Because the desire is as strong as when I turned Pro in 2002 & I still love everything about Boxing. Age is no barrier ;)” (Karl Froch replying to a fan)

@AdrienBroner: “Money name and fame can get you a lot of recognition but they don’t tell you about the headaches and hard work you have to put in.”

@AdrienBroner: “The decisions people make when they take things for granted can ruin everything they had in life.”

@AdrienBroner: “I ain’t got nothing to (lose) I never had s__t from the beginning that’s why I cherish everything I have earned”

@AdrienBroner: “In the ring I’m nicer than your grandmother.”

@AndreBerto: “Everybody don’t give up on the sport yet. #TeamBerto commin soon”

@OmarHenry: “Please do not wish me a Happy Fathers day. I still have 0 children. No female has got that LUCKY yet! Boxing is my baby!!!!”

@AmirKingKhan: “I hate losing more than I like winning!”

@AmirKingKhan: “Go for the kill he won’t have anything to stop me coming forward RT @Kanerowe: @AmirKingKhan what is your training regime for your fight against Garcia ? #AskAmir”  (This tweet is Amir Khan answering a fan’s question about his July 14 title bout against Danny Garcia)

@Dannyswift (Danny Garcia): “Adversity causes some men to break, others to break records.”

@AmirKingKhan: “Never we like brothers RT @DylanHare: @AmirKingKhan #AskAmir would a fight with Pac-man never ever happen?” (Another tweet of Khan replying to a fan’s question)

@AmirKingKhan: “What a joke we had Manny winning by 5 rounds. Bradley how about you take the fight with me in December after I clean up the 140lbs weight.” (This tweet was made after Manny Pacquiao’s loss)

@TimBradleyjr: “Paquiao is a great man and great fighter he will have a chance to get his title back I will be able to get a more definitive win.”

@AmirKingKhan: “If Bradley wants it I’m ready, he turned me down twice. After I beat Garcia I will offer Bradley the fight for the 3rd time. (This tweet also made after Manny’s loss)

@LouDibella: “Am I the only one who doesn’t give a f__k about Pac/Bradley rematch??? I WILL NOT BUY IT! Shouldn’t even happen!! Anyone agree?”

@FloydMayweather: “Write a letter to Floyd: ID# 01363917, Clark County Detention Center, 330 S. Casino Center Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89101”

@FloydMayweather: “Floyd wants to thank his friends, family & fans for all the pics, letters & support through this tough time. It really keeps his spirits up. (This tweet was made a couple weeks after Mayweather reported to jail)

@LouDibella: “Btw, Floyd can walk out of the joint, walk straight into the ring and destroy Manny at this point in time. (This tweet was made day of Manny’s fight with Bradley, during the fight to be exact)

@AdrienBroner: “Free Floyd.”

@LouDibella: “Lopez a tough little bastard. Gotta like him!” (Tweet made during the Victor Ortiz-Josesito Lopez fight)

@Andreward: “Some say he quit, some say the fight should have been stopped. Hard to say what he should have done if one has never been in his shoes.” (Andre Ward’s comments after the Ortiz -Lopez fight was stopped)

@OscarDeLaHoya: “Who gives a s#*% who won!!! The boxing fans won tonight. And goldenboy will continue to bring you great fights.” (This comment was regarding the Ortiz -Lopez outcome)

@DAlexandereal (Devon Alexander): “Man boxing this year has been crazy u never know what u gonna get. Be prepared”

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