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Having a duo in the top P4P spot is dumb enough, but exactly how does a fighter lose a fight (even if it was controversial robbery) and yet stay #1 in the Welterweight rankings? I mean, are you guys now choosing which decisions you wish to uphold? You might as well have kept the WBO title written under his name since you choose to ignore outcome of the fight. Please explain because I keep hearing people question the magazines credibility now since this wasn’t also done for all other obvious robberies of the past. – Thurman

Tell those people questioning the magazine to pull their heads out of their asses and to get their facts straight. THE RING always rates fighters based on their performances in the ring – not necessarily on the official result of the bout. Let’s face it, Thurman, referees and judges have bad nights. Some of the judges who work world-class boxing matches are way past their primes as officials. Some of them are morons.

Why the hell would you expect THE RING to penalize the fighter when it’s crystal-f__king-clear that the judges messed up?

Did we drop Lucas Matthysse in our 140-pound ratings because he lost disputed decisions to Zab Judah and Devon Alexander? If you go by the “official results” the Argentine had failed both times he stepped up his level of competition. If you went by his record, you may not consider him a top-10 contender. But guess what, Thurmy? THAT’S BULLS__T! Matthysse is a card-carrying badass. The man is a legit contender. If you don’t recognize that, you’re not a real fan and you certainly don’t know boxing.

Did we drop Erislandy Lara in our 154-pound ratings when he went 2-1-1 in his four bots of 2011? If you go by the “official results,” Lara – who was held to a draw by Carlos Molina and then lost a controversial decision to Paul Williams – was winless once he stepped up from fighting journeyman-level competition. Did that mean the Cuban southpaw wasn’t world class? HELL NO! He might be the best junior middleweight out there. His draw with Molina was just proof that the crafty Chicago veteran is a top-10 contender. The bogus majority decision loss to Williams was proof that Lara is top-five contender – because, my dear Thurminator, he should have won that damn fight!

I can go on and on – we dropped Robert Helenius a spot in the heavyweight ratings after his split-decision “win” over Chisora (and I lobbied for Del Boy to be rated, even after his loss to Vitali Klitschko); Matthew Macklin and Martin Murray entered the middleweight ratings after a loss and a draw with No. 1-rated Felix Sturm – but I trust you get the damn point.

By not dropping Manny Pacquiao in the ratings we’re not saying that we don’t recognize Tim Bradley as the new WBO welterweight titleholder or as an undefeated fighter; we’re simply acknowledging that Pacquiao served his ass on June 9.

Pacquiao fought a young, undefeated titleholder and pound-for-pound-rated fighter, and in the eyes of at least 80 percent of the public (media and fans) he not only beat Bradley but dominated him. Even the vast majority of people who thought the bout was close thought Pacquiao won that fight. The few who thought Bradley won thought the American fighter won by one or two points.

Why would we drop Pacquiao? Why would you – or anyone else – expect us to?

And by the way, there’s nothing wrong with having the No. 1 spot in our pound-for-pound ratings vacant. The top two fighters in the world are both welterweights, which means they could settle who’s best in the ring. They haven’t done so despite the public’s demand for more than three years. Until they act like great fighters of the past and duke it out in the ring neither man deserves to be recognized as the best in the world.


Hi Guys,

My name is Will Kaye and I am from Sydney, Australia. I have been collecting The Ring magazine and KO magazine since I was about 7 years old. I am 26 now and have no plans to stop purchasing The Ring but my question is about the old magazines. I still have many of the one’s I have purchased but over the years some have gone missing and have just been either lost in a house move or accidently thrown out by my mother, wife or sister. Is it still possible to purchase old editions and if so how do I do this? My love for the sport of boxing is unmatched and I’m hoping to replace my old lost magazines. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards. – Will Kaye

Thanks for writing Will. You can order back issues of the magazine by clicking on the SUBSCRIBE button across the top of this website (it’s to the right, between PHOTOS and RING GIRLS). Once on the page, scroll down to where it says ORDER BACK ISSUES and enter the month and year of THE RING mag that you want (for example “July 1992”) into the field space and then click the “Add to Cart” button. If we have the issue in stock you’ll receive it within 4-8 weeks. 



Here’s further proof Boxing has gone to the dogs. Today’s headlines:

– With Timothy Bradley opting to relinquish the WBO jr welterweight belt and retain the WBO welterweight belt, Mexican star Juan Manuel Marquez has been elevated from interim to full WBO 140 lb champion;

– A second bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Miguel Cottomight be held on December 1 in Madison Square Garden in New York following the success of the first meeting.

And last week: Pacquiao wants a rematch with Bradley.


I’m sure JMM doesn’t care about gimme belts – he wants fights. Pac used to want fights but he p8ssy foots and defers waaaay too much to his promoter. If he wants it, then he can make it happen. And don’t even get me started on Mayweather – hands down the biggest joke of them all who wants nothing more than protect his zero loss record.

And now a serious question: What are the punch output stats of Pac since the Oscar fight? To be honest, he put punches in bunches in that fight, Hatton and Cotto…and then he slowed the f__k down in terms of his punch output (or even his side to side movement). I don’t have the stats to back me up – but I’m assuming you do?

Roach has mentioned time and time again that he will tell Pac to retire if he observes a deterioration; well he should pay attention to his actual fights and not sparring or training because at the end of the day, it’s the drop in quality of his actual fights that should surely count. He peaked with Cotto and it was all downhill from there. He can blame age, putting on weight, fighting bigger guys, marital problems blah blah blah…whatever.

You have your legacy, fame and money. Please call it a day champ; I don’t want to be dragged by friends to watch Pac and Bradley 2.

Please continue the quality of your work; I’ll let you know if there is a drop in quality 🙂 – PC from Downunder

I appreciate that PC. I’ll try not to hang around too long like our buddy Roy Jones.

Regarding Pacquiao’s punch output and overall reflexes and ring movement, I can definitely see that he’s slowed down during the course of the last two years. I’m not sure that he peaked with the Cotto fight because I thought he looked like a beast against Josh Clottey (yeah, I know the Ghanaian didn’t come to fight but it was Manny’s dynamic attack that put him in his shell). I think Pacquiao’s body became accustomed to training and fighting at the heavier weight by the end of 2010 and he lost that awesome speed and workrate he initially carried up from the featherweight and junior lightweight divisions.

I don’t know what the specific numbers are, but I’m sure there’s been a significant drop off. The guy to ask is our resident punch counter, Lee Groves, who also works for CompuBox. His email is

Maybe I’m getting old and jaded, but I’m not bothered that much by the recent announcements that have you irked.

I’m not surprised that Pacquiao wants a rematch with Bradley. He probably watched the fight and saw that he handled the young gun while fighting on auto-pilot. I don’t think he trained with 100 percent focus for this fight. Pacquiao knows if he gave it his all or not. I’m betting that he didn’t give it his all (in training or during the fight) and he’s mad at himself for that. Like any elite fighter, he feels if he gives it a 100 percent he’ll destroy his opposition. So he wants the opportunity to do that.

I don’t care to see Pacquiao-Bradley II, but I understand why Manny would exercise his rematch clause.

I don’t care to see Mayweather-Cotto II, but I understand Cotto wanting to get Floyd out of his comfort zone (and the Las Vegas judges who seem to give the American the benefit of the doubt in every close round) and into the storied arena where he’s unbeaten and has scored his greatest victories. I also understand Golden Boy Promotions, Mayweather and Cotto promotions wanting to do the rematch because it would probably do very good PPV numbers and it would definitely be a huge event on the East Coast.

As for the WBO elevating Marquez to full champion status, so what? It’s their belt, they can recognize who they want. I think Marquez is more worthy of holding the WBO’s 147-pound belt than Bradley. If anyone has beaten Pacquiao in the past seven years, it’s JMM. So if the WBO wants to give the Mexican master Timmy’s old 140-pound belt, good for them.



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