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What’s good my man? Haven’t written in a while, but I couldn’t help myself after watching King Khan get KTFO! It’s already the next day and I’m still in shock. I was one of these guys that thought Khan would cruise to an easy points victory… but that’s why they fight the fights. Where do they go from here? I know you mentioned in your video wrap-up that you would like to see a rematch. I would too, but I’d rather see Garcia defend the title against Lucas Mathysse. I recognize Garcia as the champ but I still think Matthysse is the best at 140.

I disagree that Amir Khan fought too aggressive because the pre-fight hype got under his skin. I’ve always thought Khan’s defense needed to improve if he were to be an elite superstar after the Maidana fight and it just never improved. At this stage, unless Khan is matched up properly he is always gonna find himself going life-and-death against hard bangers.

Who do like in these match-ups:

Danny Garcia vs. Lucas Mathysse
Yuri Gamboa vs. Adrien Broner (130)
mythical – Azumah Nelson vs. JC Chavez (130/135)

– Chris (West LA)

I think we can safely say that Garcia vs. Matthysse is one of the new “dream matches” to be made in boxing, and lucky us, this one just might happen. I also recognize Garcia as the jr. welter champ but view Matthysse as the best 140 pounder.

You’re right about Khan’s defensive flaws. However, he’s almost untouchable when he fights in a classic stand-up stick-and-move (and move and move and move) style and keeps the fight on the outside (see his WBA title-winning effort against Andreas Kotelnik for an example).

Still, Khan probably will always go life and death with banger, which is why we will all tune in whenever he fights a puncher.

Nice matchups! Here’s my picks:

Danny Garcia vs. Lucas Mathysse – Matthysee by decision or late TKO
Yuri Gamboa vs. Adrien Broner (130) – Broner by KO
mythical – Azumah Nelson vs. JC Chavez (130/135) – Chavez by close decision (at 130) and comfortable decision (at 135).


Wasup Dude?! What can I say other than I was very satisfied with Saturday’s fights. Haven’t seen fighters that had a “grudge” against each other going into the fight actually ACT like it during the fight. Haye-Chisora was good while it lasted even though Chisora must have thought he was going to get money back on any punches he had left over after the fight. He rarely threw but when he did it was a haymaker! Speaking of Hayemakers, David came out like he had just remembered that he left the oven on at home and had to get back there and turn it off. Good fight gentlemen! Now let’s see Haye-Adamek, dammit!!

Have to give full props to the 6-1 underdog Garcia. He actually had been trying to land that counter left hook from the very first punch that he threw until he finally landed it in the third. Down goes Khan and Danny had backed up the $450 worth of isht his father had talked. If I’m Danny, I put a muzzle on this guy but if that’s what they need to get through a tough training camp while preparing for an elite fighter then more power to them.

I have to tell you that it sucks that Khan is getting crapped on by the fans. Here’s a guy that will fight anybody whether it’s in his best interest or not. He behaves like we want our fighters to behave as Max Kellerman said. He’s more boxer than businessman. I love guys like Khan, Froch and Paul Williams (wish he had never bought that bike) who look out for US before they look out for themselves. The truth of the matter is this: when you fight only elite or top-ten fighters, time in and time out, you are liable to get beat from time to time. That’s just how it is. That’s all I got, bruh. Holla Back! – Fleetwood

That’s all you needed to say, Fleet. I can’t state it any better than you. I agree that it’s a pleasure to watch guys who don’t like each other outside of the ring show that venom INSIDE the squared circle.

Upsets (and dramatic knockouts) make the boxing world go ‘round, and so do real fighters, who have so much pride (like Khan) that they simply can’t do things the “easy” way.

I also agree that Khan doesn’t deserve to be crapped on.


Zup Doug,
Man, they bring in these cats to lose, Victor Ortiz vs. Josesito Lopez, Amir Khan vs. Danny Garcia, etc., and the upsets just keep coming. Everyone knows that this Khan fight was a setup for Amir to win those belts and then probably move up to 147. Well, the best laid plans! Both Berto and Peterson were dumped on (we still don’t know the deal yet) and now both of their scheduled opponents lose also. No wonder Golden Boy is having Alvarez face a fighter from two weight divisions below, nothing is sure in this game.

It’s eerie how similar the Ortiz and Khan situations are. Both cats scheduled for rematches, both of their opponents test positive for banned substances, both reschedule with opponents that are underdogs on paper, both winning their fights according to the score cards, and both cats ended up getting KO’d. I can’t front, I was not looking forward to either fight, because I thought they were mismatches, especially the Khan-Garcia fight. I saw Garcia look like he was struggling with a used-up El Terrible and I thought this was a mismatch, and for two rounds it looked like one. Then Khan gets hit right on the vagus nerve in the third round, the nerve that connects the brain with the heart, and Amir never got his legs back. Garcia had Amir reeling around the ring like he was in the late rounds of the Marcos Maidana fight.

Well, I guess you can’t train a chin. These cats should learn about looking ahead of opponents, planning fights and after parties before they even get in the ring. Canelo better not sleep on Lopez. These upsets remind me of when Oscar got his ass handed by a then unknown Felix Sturm, with Bhop watching his payday go down the drain. Or when Tyson got stopped by Buster Douglas and Holyfield sat there with a look of disbelief on his face as he watched his payday searching for his mouthpiece.

But in the end, the fans win, this was an exciting fight, much more exciting to me than Haye-Chisora, which was boring until the KO. The Khan-Garcia fight was a pleasant surprise for me. I definitely thought that this was a gift for Amir. Peace. – Steve

Hardcore heads think WAY too much about the business side of the sport when a matchup is made (especially when Golden boy Promotions is involved).

You guys may have viewed Lopez and Garcia as pushovers by I guarantee you Golden Boy’s matchmakers – Eric Gomez and Robert Diaz – saw those two as dangerous opponents who would make for good fights. Did they favor Ortiz and Khan to win? Yes, but they also saw Lopez and Garcia as live underdogs as the fans should have.

I don’t know why you brought up Berto and Peterson. Nobody “dumped” on them. They dumped on themselves when they took banned and/or unknown substances or underwent medical treatments (that they should have known could result in a failed drug test and didn’t tell anyone), and when THEY demanded random blood and urine testing for their fights with Ortiz and Khan. They’re the ones who f___ed up, Steve. Don’t act like they’re being victimized by the system. They are the ones who brought “the system” in.

Anyway, I actually liked the Ortiz-Lopez matchup better than the Ortiz-Berto rematch. I knew Josesito was a stud with an iron chin.

I wasn’t all that excited about Khan-Garcia when it was first made – figuring a sometime skittish boxer vs. a counter puncher who often waits too much wasn’t the formula for a good fight – but I thought it was a legitimate 140-pound matchup (especially for one that had to be made hastily made). However, as the bout got closer, I thought more about their styles (and talked to local trainers – including Shadeed Saluki – who believed Garcia had a very good shot at catching Khan) and realized two things: 1) Garcia is a hesitant counter puncher but he’s quick and he’s got power, and 2) Khan – whose immense pride was hurt by Angel Garcia’s inane comments – would likely force Danny to let those heavy hands go.

I’m not saying that I predicted Garcia to win – because I did not – but I thought Khan would probably get wobbled at some point during the fight, which would make for instant drama. And as you know, the drama happened early in the fight and it was more intense than I could have possibly imagined.

It was an incredible live experience.

That’s what I take away from Saturday. I’m not overly concerned about what Khan does next or the best laid plans of Golden Boy. We can crap on their matchmaking and decision making all we want, but the bottom the line is this: Lopez and Garcia – two under exposed and underappreciated young fighters – were brought in to lose entertaining fights but they were also given an opportunity to fight on the big stage and better their bank accounts, professional career and lives (which they did).

Lopez and Garcia were also helped out by Ortiz and Khan – who agreed to face tough/difficult opponents (even though most so-called diehard fans who follow the sport didn’t believe so) and then FOUGHT them tooth and nail instead of boxing safety first. I tip my hat to both Ortiz and Khan for helping to create two of the more memorable boxing nights during 2012 and in recent years.  



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