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Dougie’s Friday mailbag


OK Doug. What’s up?

Thanks to popular demand, I was called out from my “self-exile” from both you and several readers and when I responded, no Friday mailbag or nothing! Thanks for the tease buddy! In Doug we all trust! Fine. This column’s for either Friday or Monday.

Many fans were shocked with the Garcia-Khan result. I wasn’t. Not that I’m going to carry on with this “I knew it all along!” bulls__t. I had it up in the air. Especially with Khan being gone in 60 seconds against Prescott but fighting a combined 24 rounds against bone-crunchers like Maidana and Peterson. Now that it’s done I certainly have no problems recognizing Garcia as the World Champion but I can’t see him on top for too long if Lucas Matthysse is indeed next in line. Bottom line, Danny has a really challenging reign ahead of him.

To me the really big shocker was David Haye pounding out Dereck Chisora, especially after Vitali Klitschko himself failed to knockout this guy. Yeah Chisora may have been reserving his punches like he was going to save money (according to Mr. Fleetwood) but Haye went all out like Chisora owed him a trizillion dollars. Pay up Punk!! Whack! Whack! Pow!! That fight was definitely the best thing Haye has done since removing the human barf-bag John Ruiz from boxing once and for all. Next for Haye? How about Haye-Seth Mitchell?

Mexican Monster Mash: Certainly no love lost between World Champ Sergio Martinez and the Chavez clan. And I certainly can’t wait until they bring it in the ring. Same with Saul Alvarez-Josesito Lopez. And trust me Chavez could give Marvilla a real serious brawl for his money. As of now I could picture all my haters ready to curse me out and accusing me of not knowing what I’m talking about. Three words for you guys: Go F__k Yourselves! This is not something like Slyvester Stallone’s whiny kid challenging Vitali Klitschko or Joe Frazier’s daughter versus the other Klitschko. Let me put it this way: If Junior was every bit the Mexican Superman his father was he’ll laugh off Marvilla’s big left-hand and tear him apart. As it is, the younger Chavez still has his father’s iron-chin, intense body-breaking attack and kick-ass attitude. That small ring will suit his grinding style and he’s going to be really fired up fighting in front of those equally fiery Mexican fans. And forget the pointless Paul Williams comparisons! Chavez is much stronger and harder-hitting than string-bean Williams. Nor does he lung forward with his chin dangling out the way P-Will did.

I’m not saying Chavez will win it. Sergio might indeed send J.C. Junior to Loose Tooth City. But I also won’t drop in shock if Chavez Jr. makes Martinez “eat his own s__t!” the way Chavez Sr worded it. Gotta love Chavez Sr for that. He has all the political correctness of an exploding grenade.

And the other big fight? I’ll comment further when it gets closer to the time but with the insanely tough Lopez tackling a bigger, stronger hombre like Canelo this is kind of like a wolverine challenging a f__king black bear. Can’t wait!

If only Showtime or HBO could go against tradition and arrange their main event on Sunday. Most folks can’t afford two PPVs in one week-end but certain fight-freaks (myself included) will be crazy enough to try it. Especially when it’s these four badasses ready to wage war. To the brawl-games!

That does it for me Dougie! Cheers! – Todd The Terminator

Good to have you back, Todd, even though you make me cringe with some of things you write (that was a very low blow mentioning Stallone’s recently deceased son). Apart from that line, I agree with pretty much everything you stated.

I don’t view Alvarez-Lopez as a total mismatch. (In fact, I’m expecting a darn good scrap from those two.)

I think Martinez will have a tough time trying to chop down Junior the way he has his last three opponents (Dzinziruk, Barker and Macklin). Chavez is by far the biggest and toughest middleweight Maravilla has ever faced. I think Chavez will definitely have his moments in the fight. He might even give Martinez flashbacks to the TKO loss to Antonio Margarito.

I still favor Martinez because I think he has the best blend of ring smarts, athleticism and heart in the game, but I’ll be a little be surprised if the middleweight champ is able to stop Chavez.

Even though I picked Khan to beat Garcia, like you, I was less surprised by his KO upset than I was of Haye’s ability to whack Del Boy out. I didn’t doubt Haye’s punching power, athleticism and terrific timing; but I didn’t think he had the balls to really commit to his punches and go for the stoppage.

Obviously he does, which is good news for the heavyweight division. I wish he would consider coming stateside and fighting aggressive (defense-challenged) big men, such as Mitchell and Chris Arreola, but I can’t blame him for staying in the UK (where he is a bona-fide draw) or for only targeting Vitali Klitschko (which is the biggest money bout out there for him).

And as Gavan from Cork, Ireland, stated in this week’s Monday mailbag, a Big Bro-Haye showdown is not such a bad thing. Either V-Klitsch sends Haye packing for good, or The Hayemaker retires Dr. Iron Fist and we have a WBC titleholder who is popular on both sides of The Pond.

I agree that Garcia should be recognized as “the champ” at 140 pounds and concur that it won’t be easy for him to retain that recognition with beasts like Matthysse lurking about. But ya know what? The kid from Philly is a beast, too. I’d favor Matthysse if they fought but I wouldn’t count Garcia out.

I view Garcia-Judah as an even fight. But if Garcia beats real contenders like Matthysse and Judah, he can be more than a champ, he can evolve into a star.  


Hey Dougie,

Been a while. Just a few observations and questions concerning the heated summer action we’re getting and the remaining late-summer scorchers yet to come.

Torrid win by Danny Garcia. He unloads those haymakers like his father unloads his mighty mouth. Like most fans I can’t see him getting past Lucas Matthysse but it will be hell of a fight. And if not Matthysse then Mike Alvaracado would also be a worthy challenger. Same with Juan Manuel Marquez. Hey, he’s always worthy. And what about Brandon Rios? Where’s he hiding all of a sudden? However, no more Zab Judah please. He’s had enough chances already.

As for Khan I can’t believe the crap unloaded on this guy. First he’s called chinny and then a crybaby. And then it’s racial slurs, followed comments regarding him as stupid and overrated. Well I don’t care how many labels the guy gets slapped on his forehead. I enjoy watching him. You certainly can’t call him spineless.

I thought that Gennady Golovkin was fighting Dimitry Pirog this August. But the online schedule has it as Golovkin versus TBA. What happened to Pirog? Two years away from the ring not enough for him? He could be a real serious contender if he would just fight a little more often. And I’m really curious about how good this Golovkin guy is. A fight between the two could have answered questions concerning both fighters. Regardless of who Golvkin fights I hope the fight’s on regular Showtime or HBO. He needs to accelerate and he needs more exposure already. As does Pirog.

Wow. Sergio Martinez must really hate Chavez Jr. For him to trash-talk like that is not like him at all. I thought he was high above that kind of thing. Is this verbal war just a way to add some more hype to this already highly anticipated match? I doubt it. Sergio never bothered with theatrics before and he certainly wouldn’t need this extra hype against Chavez Jr. who clearly is his most marketable challenger out there. I think that Martinez really resents Chavez for supposedly being a coddled daddy’s boy and the Chavez duo are really getting pissed off in return and who can blame them. Which means we could be in for one heck of barnburner. Marvilla will probably take it but I won’t completely write off Chavez. Not in this year of upsets.

So are you looking forward to checking out the newest Batman flick? Heck, I still have yet to take my kids out to see Spiderman. At this point I still regard the last Bat-Film as the best superhero movie I’ve ever seen with Spiderman 2 being high up there as well. Well thanks for hearing me out Dougie. – Phil M.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing The Dark Knight Rises. If I had boys instead of girls I would have already seen the latest film incarnation of Spider-Man. As it is, I’ll probably wind up catching this one on DVD. I agree that The Dark Knight is among the best comic book films of all time (along with the first two Superman movies, the first two X-Men flicks, Hellboy I and II, and Sin City).

I think Martinez definitely has an ax to grind with Chavez. He feels as though the WBC stripped him of their title just to hand it to Junior (which isn’t entirely accurate). He’s also not happy about having to take the dookie-end of a 60-40 split of the money. However, I doubt his emotions will get the better of him once the bell rings (unlike Khan).

Golovkin was scheduled to fight Pirog, but Pirog pulled out with an injury. Pirog hasn’t been inactive for two years, he just hasn’t been fighting on U.S. television. To be honest, the three bouts Pirog has had since knocking Daniel Jacobs out have not been “must-see TV.” Golovkin’s fights, on the other hand, have resulted in the kind of knockouts that drive American fans crazy. This guy is for real and he needs to be on U.S. TV.

He might still make it on HBO on Sept. 1 – especially if a fight with once-beaten contender Grzegorz Proksa can be made. Proska is an aggressive, rugged southpaw who might make for a better fight than Pirog would have.

I agree that the fans who crap on Khan need to f___ off. The guy challenges himself and he generally makes for good fights. He deserves respect.

Good point about Judah having received more title shots than I can even recall. I still like the idea of a Garcia-Judah showdown because I think it’s a good fight and a big event on the East Coast (which deserves more high-profile bouts), but you are absolutely right that an undefeated up-and-comer like Alvarado deserves a crack at those titles before the Brooklyn veteran.

And hey, Garcia-Alvarado would be a hell of a fight; another toss-up IMO.

However, Garcia-Rios would take the proverbial cake. You could sell tickets to the press conferences, where Angel Garcia and Bam Bam would engage in a very un-PC war of words that would only add extra hype to Danny’s title defense against ultra-tough Mexican-American stalker-slugger.


You gotta think there has to be some sort of correlation between Khan’s KO loss and Alex Ariza’s firing…  right (case in point: Maidana fight)?? BTW, problem now is that this win only empowers Joe Pesci’s stunt double to crack even more borderline racist s__t. The Mayweathers’ have got a run for their money. BTW part 2, what the hell is up with that short Asian dude with the grills? Who is this guy? And does he have a fan page, LOL? I’ve seen him in past fights, but have no idea who the hell he is and why he needs UV protection indoors. I’m sure most Asians (and other races) like myself first go “wtf?” when first witnessing this guy, followed by a shake of our heads, then inevitably asking “who the eff is this guy?”. Any info you can pass along? I know I’m not the only one wondering this.

Thanks for your time and keep up the good work, you are slowly creeping up the ladder of my favorite sports writers (Simmons, Ding, Lazenby) that I look forward to reading each week. – Marc Jonathan de Jesus, Director / Cinematographer / Editor

Thanks for the kind words, Marc. I’ve seen the Asian dude around big prize fights for a few years (the first time was in Reno, at the 2009 Jessie Brinkley-Joey Gilbert fight). I think he’s a Nevada-based jeweler who loves boxing and is willing to throw his money around (sponsoring fighters and events) just to be close to the sport. He reminds me of comedian Ken Jeong’s obnoxious “Mr. Chow” character from the Hangover movies. Whoever he is he’s got nothing on Raccoon Boy.

Joe Pesci’s stunt double (I think Angel Garcia is more of a combination of Moe Howard and Tony Montana) says he wants his son to fight at 140 pounds for another year before moving up to the welterweight division. If Danny is successful defending his junior welterweight titles and does jump to 147 pounds, I can see Floyd fighting him just to get in an “easy” payday and to make for a crazy 24/7 (one which would likely deliver the best ratings for the unscripted series thanks to the s__t talking between the Mayweathers and Angel).

I agree with Freddie, I don’t think Ariza’s absence had anything to do with Khan’s knockout. I think it had everything to with Khan getting a little too greedy early in the fight and getting caught. He was nailed towards the back of his neck (near his brain stem/medulla) by a monster punch. His nervous system was shocked and scrambled and he couldn’t recover. End of story.



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