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Boxing has a new Problem on it’s hands, it’s called Adrian Broner. What the f__k is up with this kid?! I mean seriously?!

The good: Lightning fast. Great defense. Good-to-above average puncher (although his speed) has a lot to do with his power as the punches you don’t see, hurt more.

The bad: As stated above, what the hell is going on with this kid? Do brain cells die every time he gets his hair combed? I know we’ve all done stupid s__t at his age. But, this is his job. He showed no respect for Escobedo (who seems like a class act), his promoter, HBO, his girlfriend, and the fans (though I realize that very few boxers and promoters seem to care about us). Mistakes are fine; it’s how you respond that makes you a man. Did he get his degree from the Pretty Girl University? Was his major Toolness? Is Al Haymon a Professor there?

It’s bad that we are getting to a point that when someone does the right thing and acts like a professional it stands out. I think boxing gyms can learn a lot from dojos. You walk in, you take your shoes off, and you bow. It may seem like a ritual, but it instills that you should feel honored to be there and respect is a must from the moment you walk in.

Going on record, I will never purchase a PPV that Broner headlines. And I look forward to the day when he gets stretched out ala RJJ vs. Glen Johnson. There is always someone out there that can kick anyone’s butt. Broner will eventually meet said person in the ring.

Btw, that Mayweather style is ripe for a stiff jab, steady pressure, and a left hooker.

Peace to you and your family. – Marcos

You’re right about the weaknesses of the “Mayweather style” (and I put that in quotes because the Mayweathers did not originate those moves). That defensive/offensive pull-counter stance is also open for the straight left from southpaws (and a follow-up right hook if the lefty is quick enough). Roy Jones could have just said that on air instead of playing coy with Max Kellerman.  

I’m not sure I believe your vow to “Broner-cott” The Problem when he reaches pay-per-view headline status because you say you that you look forward to watching him get stretched. If the guy who has the best chance of cold cocking the Twinkie Fiend happens to face Broner on PPV, my guess is that you will buy that show because you want to watch it happen live (if it happens).

But I gotta tell ya, I don’t see that happening any time soon – not at 135 pounds, anyway. I’d favor Broner over most of THE RING-rated lightweights, including our No. 1 contender, Antonio DeMarco (who is the antithesis of Broner in terms of personality).

The top lightweights with the experience and styles to problem The Problem – IBF beltholder Miguel Vazquez (No. 2) and Richard Abril (No. 7) – won’t likely get a chance to fight him. That doesn’t mean Broner doesn’t have challenges at 135. I think WBO titleholder Ricky Burns (No. 3) would give Broner a run for his money. I’d love to see him fight Hank Lundy (No.  9), too.

Anyway, you started your email with a very loaded question: What is up with Broner? I’m going to give you a very loaded answer (which will, of course, lead to other questions about what is wrong with the sport).

Here it is: Broner is smart.

He knows he’s an ultra-talented boxer, he knows he has a polarizing personality that attracts attention, he knows his manager is one of the most influential insiders on the U.S. scene, he knows Golden Boy Promotions thinks he can be a star and he knows that HBO wants to be in the Broner business. Add it all up and we’re talking about a 22-year-old man-child who knows what his value is to the power brokers in the U.S. boxing market.

Knowing all of this makes Broner a powerful figure himself. He knows he can get away with things that most boxers cannot.

As long as Broner continues to win impressively and he’s got his powerful backers/enablers, he will believe he has the right to bend or break the rules whenever he feels like it.


Hi Doug,
I enjoy watching Adrien Broner fight, but he tends to have his mouth wide open during the whole fight. Do you think that can be a problem for him as he moves up in weight facing harder punchers? – “No Money” Moy

Yes, I do.


Hello D-Fischer,

Adrian Broner is doing exactly what a fighter can do to turn boxing fans off. With the talent that Adrian possesses I hope this is not the behavior to expect from him in the near future. Mr. Broner shouldn’t get too big headed and think he can get away with such things so early in his career. If you can’t make weight, don’t sign the contract! Don’t have people wasting their hard earned money on potential cancelled fights. If I could give Adrian some advice, it would be to make weight, and to give up the Mayweather act! I’m sorry but it’s annoying. “Mr. HBO,” “young fresh flashy,” “hard work is easy work,” are all Floyd’s sayings. He needs to cut it out and be himself to turn fans on. – Phillip Muniz, Stockton, Calif.

Maybe he is being himself (even though he borrows Mayweather’s catchphrases).

I think you can expect Broner to continue to behave the way he wants to behave. He knows that it turns off a lot of fans and some members of the media, but he also knows that it attracts a lot of attention and that many “haters” will pay to watch him fight in the hopes of one day seeing him catch a beatdown in the ring.

This line made me chuckle: “Mr. Broner shouldn’t get too big headed…” I don’t see how his head can get any bigger.



I don’t think your article on Broner goes far enough. You said he was extremely unprofessional. I’ll call it flat out cheating. He made absolutely zero attempt to make weight (twice!) while he and everyone else knew Escobedo was going through the usual weight drain to make weight. There was no effort to meet his contractual obligations nor any sense of shame from him.

There was no level playing field on Saturday night. It is not a fair fight when one guy has to follow the rules and the other doesn’t. That’s cheating. Period. There are no shades of gray on this one. He did it and then didn’t give a s__t afterwards. His financial backers made it all go away. It’s like those conversations about 2 Americas. The one for us and the one for the people with money. Al Haymon, Golden Boy and HBO just swept the problem under the rug, put the fight on their air knowing it was a mismatch, and are banking on people’s short attention span the next time this cheater gets a date.

“Unprofessional” doesn’t go far enough. Broner is a CHEATER until further notice. He should be dropped from all rankings just as if he stepped into the ring with roids in his blood or rocks in his gloves. Suspension should be considered as well. How is what he did any safer or better than Margarito or Peterson?

My next email will be to HBO, but seriously, we need to call it what it is. – Kyle in Washington

I understand where you are coming from, Kyle, and there was some discussion between me and copy editor Brian Harty about how to phrase what Broner did with both weigh-ins. I wrote that he “failed” to make wait. Harty suggested that we state that Broner “refused” to make weight.

However, while I suspect that was indeed the case – that he didn’t do EVERYTHING he could have in order to make 130 pounds – I don’t have proof of this and Broner hasn’t admitted to it, so I can’t say that he deliberately missed making the 130-pound weight limit (and then the agreed upon 140-pound same-day weigh-in limit).

For all I know, Broner DID try to make the weight and just couldn’t. Obviously, he didn’t try to make weight to the point that he drained himself because he looked fresh, alert and strong at the Friday weigh-in. But I can’t say that he planned all along to come in at 133.5 pounds because I don’t know.

I know that it’s a fine line, but I don’t feel comfortable calling Broner “a cheater” because I can’t prove that what he did was premeditated. His situation is different from that of Margarito’s because his opponent knew that he was over the weight limit and had the option of pulling out of the fight an entire day before the scheduled bout. Broner couldn’t hide the fact that he was coming into the fight with an unfair advantage. And it’s different from Peterson’s situation because the last time I checked Twinkies and Twix ice cream bars aren’t listed as banned substances or performance enhancers in any U.S. jurisdiction.   

However, I can say without hesitation that Broner did not do his job as a professional. If he’s really eating Twinkies all the time and during camp, he’s being unprofessional (although for all we know he’s just saying this to get under our skin or to be funny). It was definitely unprofessional not to let the people involved with the promotion know that he was struggling to lose weight. When it appeared that he would have trouble making the division limit – and from what his coach said at the post-fight presser that was at least a week from the fight – he should have notified his promoter, who should have let Team Escobedo know. At that point they could have negotiated a compromise (along with HBO and the WBO) BEFORE the damn day of the fight.


It is clear that this guy is very highly skilled, tries to be funny, and is a bit of an a__hole. I fully agree, that he has not earned that right, but I really do not care about that, we can watch him or not. What I want to speak about is the disgustingly gay manlove that he has on Mayweather, I mean if Floyd pulled out his d__k Boner would be sucking it faster than the combinations he throws. This muther f__ker loves Mayweather more than Mayweather and we know how much that dude loves himself. If I was Maywether I would be a little worried about this dude. I mean, is there even any connection between them? He’s wearing a free Mayweather shirt? FOR WHAT? Not that he shouldn’t be freed, but damn, get off his d__k! Look at his every mannerism and even the way he talks and acts. It is clear he is a HUGE fan and wants to be him. He is his mini-me. Not that Mayweather is not a great fighter, not that he is not successful and rich, all of those things are true, but this guy is hard to watch for ME, he should be a f__king shammed of himself. Just a c__ksucker! – JCB

LOL. Tell us how you really feel, JCB.

I expect Broner to worship Mayweather. Floyd is the most influential American boxer of the past 10 years. It’s only natural for young bucks to look up to the top dogs and to try to emulate them. This type of adulation often derails the young talents who try to box exactly like their ring heroes. The late, great Angelo Dundee once said that Muhammad Ali ruined a lot of fighters. What he meant was that many young boxers tried to copy Ali’s style and got their __t slapped in the ring because of it.

Well, the same thing can be said about Pernell Whitaker, James Toney, Roy Jones Jr., and now Mayweather. However, Broner appears to have the talent, work ethic and in-camp instruction (from underrated trainer Mike Stafford) to emulate Floyd’s style and not only get away with it but excel.

Beyond Broner’s technical homage to Floyd is his desire to play the ghetto anti-hero role and push fans’ buttons in the manner that Mayweather has done so successfully in recent years. I can’t say that he’s making a mistake because even after the near-fiasco he pulled this weekend, the good folks at HBO want to kiss his shiny black ass more than he wants to blow Floyd.



I saw you reference the “little Asian dude” (who appears among the in-the-ring entourages of many top fighters) in your Friday mailbag (last email). His name is Johnny Dang. I know he has a jewelry shop here in Houston. The rapper Paul Wall put him on the map. He does custom grills and jewelry for athletes, celebs, and anybody else willing to pay. I am a big fan and faithful reader. Keep up the good work. – Harry

And now we know. Thank you, Harry.



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