RING PASS: Guerrero vs. Aydin


compiled by Lem Satterfield


Naazim Richardson, trainer of former middleweight and light heavywieght champ Bernard Hopkins:

“I don’t know a lot about Selcuk Aydin, but I’ve known Robert Guerrero since he was a kid in the amateurs. My only worry is with Guerrero jumping up (in weight) like that. That’s a big jump in weight to be mixing it up with a guy like Aydin.

“Guerrero was a really good puncher at 135 (pounds), and if he can carry that to 147, that would be something. I know that Guerrero is an intelligent fighter and I’ve seen him face adversity in and outside of the ring.

“Based on that, Guerrero doesn’t strike me as a guy that would be taking a chance or taking that big of a gamble. Mentally, knowing what is at stake, Guerrero doesn’t strike me as a guy who would take a foolish gamble.

“He’s always been a good-sized 135-pounder with the shoulder length and height to rise up to 147. So, if Guerrero is taking a jump like that, he must know something that we don’t know, and I wouldn’t bet against Guerrero.”


John Scully, trainer of RING/WBC light heavyweight champ Chad Dawson:

“I believe Robert Guerrero will be comfortable at the weight and will maintain enough speed to stay one step ahead of Selcuk Aydin for the majority of the fight. I think he’s motivated by recent events in his life and will show a renewed sense of energy in winning a decision.”


Pat Burns, trainer of former middleweight champ Jermain Taylor:

“It’s a good fight for the fans, and I think that right now, it’s more important that we start treating fans to good fights. I think that it’s a very competitive fight and it’s a tossup. I know that I’m going to watch this fight, and I don’t watch many fights.

“I think that it’s a dead-heat and a crap shoot. Both guys are smart and they have big balls. I think that it will go back and forth. I think that it’s going to be about adjustments. They make adjustments, which is a lost art.

“But in the end, I would have to go with Robert Guerrero, based on his ability to make adjustments. I’m not sure that it’s the most popular of picks, but I believe that he makes the better adjustments.”


Al Bernstein, a newly inducted member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame who will call the action to the Guerrero-Aydin fight for Showtime:

“The jump up in weight and the injury induced layoff (15 months) could make Guerrero vulnerable. And, Aydin is a powerful puncher and is very aggressive.

“(Aydin) is not a skilled boxer but he has genuine power in his right hand. He’ll be winging overhand rights from the start of the fight.”

Bernstein added that the 29-year-old Guererro, a champion at featherweight and junior lightweight, will be fighting in the 6th weight division of his 11-year pro career.

“If he can be impressive at 147, that would be remarkable. But this jump up in weight has perils attached to it.”




Photos / Tom Hogan-Hoganphotos-Golden Boy Promotions, Fightwireimages.com, Getty Images

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