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Hey Doug!

Can I call them or what! Just like I predicted Golovkin, aka Borat, kicked ass. More than that! He pounded the living s__t out of Proksa like I said he would! F__ked up the poor guy worse than the way Mike Tyson f__ked up his own face! I sure hoped Proksa liked the smell of freshly tenderized meat in the morning. Nasty!

This Golovkin guy is a friggin’ wrecking ball with fists and short trunks! And know what the funny thing is? He doesn’t look the part. Not outside the ring anyways! If anything he looks like friggin’ Alfred E Neuman. But he fights like a middleweight Ivan Drago. And those face-busting shots of his; KABOOM!! Superman and the Temple of Boom! There you go.

So what’s next for Borat? Personally, even though he should indeed get some more fights in, I actually think he’s already more than good enough to give the Martinez-Chavez winner some serious f__king hell.

And while Daniele Geale certainly surprised us by out-fighting Felix Sturm and not getting screwed by the judges I’m not sure if even the tough Aussie could handle Triple G’s power. It would be one hell of a war though! If anything, that’s the middleweight fight I’d love to see next. After that no one can tell me that fight’s winner won’t be ready to tackle Maravilla or who’s ever wearing the championship belt at the time. Heck I’ll even settle for Golovkin-Pirog. It’s always fun to watch some overrated guy get his ass handed to him.

Either way, regardless of who Borat takes on next, sign me up! Our sport needs more ass-kickers like him! – Todd The Terminator

As @massivehedwound tweeted to @stevemaxboxing on Sunday night, “Forget all the ‘important fights’, boxing just needs more fighters we’d all actually pay to watch.” (Kim had just tweeted that GGG is a fighter he’d pay to watch.)

Speaking of “massive head wounds,” did you bump your noggin and forget that you delivered those same Mike Tyson and “freshly tenderized meat in the morning” lines in your email that made last Friday’s mailbag? (I’m just givin’ ya s__t. They made me laugh last week.)

You’re the second reader to mention that Golovkin looks like Alfred E. Neuman. Everyone else just says he’s a “beast.”

You’re the only person who’s calling him Borat, which I think is funny, but I don’t think it will catch on. (But if it did, I don’t think Golvokin would mind. He’s a very easy going guy outside the ring as you noted.)

And speaking of not minding, I don’t mind who he fights next as long as that fighter is a top-10 middleweight. Golovkin vs. Geale, Priog, Macklin, the N’Jikam-Quillin winner – sign me up for all of those fights. That’s must-see TV. Golovkin vs. the Martinez-Chavez winner? Tell me where I can buy tickets. Like Kim says, GGG is worth the price of admission.


Hey Dougie,

I was wondering about the problem with fighters missing weight recently. Adrien Broner missed weight against his fight against Vicente Escobedo. Then, this weekend, Jonathan Gonzalez did not seem like he wanted to cut weight for the fight against Sergiy Dzinziruk. With this in mind, do you think that there are just too many weight classes in boxing is the reason why these things happen in boxing? According to the Ring Magazine, there are 17 weight classes. In the UFC, there are 8 weight classes and even though sometimes MMA fighters miss weight, it does not happen frequently as does boxing.

Hope to hear from you soon. – Tim Baquir, Carson, CA

I don’t think too many weight classes is the problem. I think the fighters are the problem. They’re not being professional and they’re not afraid to break the rules or their contracts because they’re not penalized harshly enough.

Three things need to happen to keep this problem from becoming a damn epidemic: 1. The fighters who come in heavy need to be fined more money. 2. The fighters who make weight – or their handlers – need to refuse to fight these a__holes who disregard the rules and the contract. 3. The networks need to punish the fighters who pull this crap by banning them for a period of time. (I know this will never happen with certain guys and networks – such as Broner and HBO – but it’s what SHOULD happen.)


Hi Dougie,
It s been a long time…..too long

Issue 1 : Dawson vs Ward: I think Dawson has the wrong strategy and he will run into a check left hook in round 5 and after that Ward will win this thing on cruise control.

I think Froch is a much more rugged fighter than Dawson and he was stunned by Ward’s power early on in their fight and it made him re-think. As Iron Mike says “everyone has a plan until they get hit…”

Issue 2: Martinez will knock Chavez Jr. out like a light in round 6 or maybe earlier….Chavez thinks he will steam roll over Martinez….that won’t happen he has no lateral movement and no defense and he has fought anyone in the same league as Martinez.

Issue 3: TNT vs TMT ….same ole BS to me 😉

Have a good weekend. Cheers. – Thomas from Finland

Good to hear from you, Thomas.

I think Ward will either box-and-butt Dawson the way he did with Mikkel Kessler or he’ll mug him for 12 rounds as he did against Allan Green. Ward knows how to disarm and bully fellow boxers. He’s tougher and stronger than people give him credit for.

However, he’s not a power a puncher. Yes, he stunned Froch a few times but never had the Brit in serious trouble. Dawson doesn’t have a great chin (or as good as Froch’s whiskers) but he’s also not as easy to nail as Sheriff of Nottingham. I’d be surprised (and very impressed) if Ward took Dawson out.

I’d also be surprised if Martinez took out Chavez before six rounds. A late technical stoppage would not surprise me, but my hunch is that the kid is big, durable and tough (and proud) enough to last the distance. He might look like the Elephant Man after 10 rounds, but he’s gonna be hard to stop on Sept. 15.

Yeah, I just can’t get excited about TNT or TMT until they actually DO something. I think it’s great Roy Jones and this TNT Promotions outfit are working with Paul Spadafora, but until they get him a significant fight there isn’t much for me to write about.

And until 50, Mayweather and TMT Promotions puts on their first show (with or without a co-promoter), there ain’t much for me to say.



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