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Dougie’s Monday mailbag


To Doug:

Just letting you know that I don’t intend to become one of your regulars. Afterall I do have a life!

But I do have to get this of my chest. All I did is expressed my opinion last Friday and you give me this long-winded response all the while labeling me as “raving lunatic’ How mature!

So anyone who doesn’t see your point of view is a nutcase? Okay then. Be that way.

I still think your boy Golovkin is overrated and I don’t care how many UFC fans and 70 year old Cowboy-hat wearing Black guys gush over him. And saying that Golovkin brings more excitement in the game than Manny Pacquiao is ridiculous! And I’m the crazy one!?

And speaking of raving lunatics, why does your little buddy “Todd The Turdinator” get his long-winded, pointless messages in your mailbag twice a week? His “jokes” don’t make an ounce of sense. His comments and predictions are way off. And it’s pathatic the way he gushes over brawlers like Golovkin and Lucas Matthysse all the while ripping accomplished boxers like Manny Pacquiao, Sergio Martniz and even Chad Dawson.

Stop giving space to this cheap Jim Bagg clone or you’re going to lose readers! Myself included! Oh I hated Bagg too, by the way.

And if you want my opinion on the weekend it’s like this. Chad Dawson may of gotten picked apart but the cards were stacked agaist him. If him and Andre Ward were to fight again at light-heavy it would be a much closer fight.

Still, both men are highly skilled worldclass boxers who deserve more respect then they’re getting. Lucas Matthysse who beat up some useless bum that same night does not compare.

And if you, Todd and all these other nuthuggers want to form a circle and meatbox togeather in honour of pretenders like Matthysse and Golovkin go ahead! Real fans know who the true superstars in boxing are! – Bryan

Sorry Bryan, I don’t believe your claim of having a life. There’s no doubt in my mind that reading your name in these two mailbags have been the highlight of your year. 

However, I take back my suggestion that you might be mentally unstable. You’re not crazy at all. You’re just stupid.

First, you did NOT simply state your opinion last Friday, you went out of your way to insult me like a typical message board cretin.

Second, I made it very clear that I don’t care if you think Golovkin is “overrated” or a “pretender.” Feel free to hate the man if you want. Refuse to watch his fights on U.S. TV. Organize a Golovkin boycott and picket outside of the venue of his next fight with likeminded idiots. Hell, drive to Big Bear, Calif. and boo him while spars for all I care.

I brought up the MMA fans and my cowboy hat-wearing neighbor to point out that Golovkin has struck a positive chord with casual boxing fans who happened to see his HBO debut. That’s it. That’s all I was trying to explain, but it’s a waste of my time, knowledge and wit trying to debate someone as dense as you.

And go ahead and insult Todd The Terminator all you want. He’s got two things going for him that you don’t:

1)When he doesn’t write to the mailbag other readers ask about him.

2)He’s smart enough to know that Golovkin and Matthyssee are more than mere “brawlers.”

Oh, and speaking TTT, here he is.


Holy s__t Dougie!

Now that’s what I call a real KICK-ASS night for boxing. Doesn’t get any better than this!

Let’s start with Ward-Dawson. I knew Ward was going to own Dawson. He even did better than I predicted. Altogether Ward did indeed go to Dawson’s chest and completely took the guy’s heart out. Not that it was all that hard considering that Dawson has all the heart and valour of a pampered hamster.

And I’m certainly not buying this bulls__t that Ward won because Dawson was weight drained. Chad may have “fought” like he barely had a pulse but that’s how the passive stiff often boxes anyways. And Ward took full advantage like any real fighter would. If they did fought at 175 pounds the result would have been the same.

Of course the real action was the Matthysse-Olusegun fight. Who needed Alexander and Bailey!? Matthysse once again proved that he’s a real friggin’ beast of destruction. And those body shots, BRUTAL!! Again, that’s what I call KICK-ASS!! Poor Ajose might be pissing blood for weeks! Actually, I don’t know what was more impressive Matthysse’s power or sickening amount of heart that “the ‘Gun” showed.

That’s right! The tough Nigerian had the balls and heart of a friggin’ African elephant. Despite getting his ribs tenderized like that and his brain cells scrambled the ‘Gun kept firing back. Hey Dawson, that’s how true fighters do it!

Back to Matthysse. Danny Garcia maybe the current champion but Matthysse is the MONSTER at 140. If you’re not sold on this guy you’re no boxing fan! Plain and simple. Go watch the mini-golf channel.

OK Dougie. Almost done. Read Bryan’s brilliant letter on Friday. Guy’s more brain-dead than a drunken troglodyte. Now I myself don’t feel like a jackass. Same with others I bet. Bryan, you are indeed a real morale booster! Thanks! Cheers Dougie! – Todd The Terminator

Well, I’m glad someone out there appreciates Bryan.

Everyone appreciates Matthysse (well, everyone but Bryan). Like you said, he’s not the champ but he’s the most easily the most formidable 140-pound fighter in the world. He’s also a pleasure to watch thanks to his poise and underrated skill. Matthysse is a destroyer but he’s not reckless.

I hope he gets the winner of Garcia-Morales II, Juan Manuel Marquez, or the winner of Rios-Alvarado next.

I was not high on Ajose going into the Matthysse fight. Like you, I thought he was overrated and all of the Facebook posters and Twitter Twits who claimed he would take Matthysse to school got on my nerves, but after witnessing his courageous stand on Saturday I’ve become a fan. I’ll root for “the Gun” (nice nickname) against any 140-poudn fighter not named Marquez, Morales or Matthysse.

Nice to see you give Ajose his deserved props, but damn, you sure don’t like Dawson. He “has all the heart and valour of a pampered hamster”? Ouch. That’s mean (although I admit I laughed when I read it).

I agree that Ward would beat him at light heavyweight, but I disagree that Dawson is some kind of chump. I like Chad and I’m looking forward to his return to the 175-pound division where he hopefully defends his RING and WBC title against fellow beltholders Tavoris Cloud, Beibut Shumenov and Nathan Cleverly. Those are all fights I’d watch with interest.


Long time no email to you Doug. Actually, probably not since your Maxboxing days! I am always entertained by your thoughts in your mailbags and your witty remarks.

I am planning on being in Vegas for Mexican Independence Day weekend and was originally excited to see first Canelo Vs. Paul Williams, then it went to James Kirkland who backed out for good reason. When Victor Ortiz signed on, I was hyped to see a Mexican vs. Mexican American showdown, but with him losing it let me down. Josesito Lopez seems like he might get steamrolled by the bigger, heavier handed Canelo. I was not originally excited about JC Jr.’s showdown with Sergio Martinez because I assumed he would get schooled pretty bad. I was happy he was finally taking a big fight, but felt he was not even close to ready. Since that time he has shown me otherwise. Now, the question I have is, which event should I now pay my hard earned money for? (Sorry for the drawn out question). – Josh

It seems like you have greater interest in the Chavez-Martinez matchup, which I believe will be a good scrap for as long as it lasts. I don’t think Alvarez-Lopez is the mismatch that others claim it will be. I think it’s going to be a hell of a fight.

It doesn’t matter which show you choose to attend on Sept. 15, I think you’ll more than get your money’s worth with either promotion. I believe the Golden Boy/Showtime card – where I will be – is the better overall show (more competitive/action fights from top to bottom) but I also recognize that the Top Rank/HBO PPV show is headlined by the most significant fight taking place anywhere this weekend. The atmosphere at both venues (MGM Grand and Thomas & Mack) should be electric.

If you can come out a few days early you should visit the host of hotels of both cards, which will put on numerous events for the public (all of the main event fighters on the Knockout Kings card will workout and sign autographs in the lobby of the MGM Grand on Wednesday), maybe attend the Jessie Vargas-Aaron Martinez show on Thursday and or go to one of the weigh-ins on Friday.

Don’t be a stranger if you see me. I’ll be more than happy to talk boxing for hours as long as you’re buying the drinks (which should include plenty of Tecate and tequila in honor of the holiday). Viva Mexico!



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