Michael Rosenthal

Chavez-Martinez round by round

A round-by-round recap of Chavez vs. Martinez, as tweeted live from ringside by RING Magazine editor Michael Rosenthal:


Michael: The place is rockin and they’re only doing the national anthems. This is going to be fun.

Michael: The fighters are about to be introduced. Great energy here. I say Martinez breaks down and then stops Chavez in the 10th.

Michael: Here comes Martinez. The Argentine fans are loud but small in number. The place will erupt for Chavez.

Michael: Here comes Chavez .. Ranchera music … into the ring .. loud .. but not as loud as I expected.

Michael: Chavez has size advantage and is younger than Martinez. Maravilla is more talented, though. I always lean toward talent.

Michael: The Mexican fans knocked the roof off when Chavez was introduced. Verrrrry loud.

Michael: Rd. 1: Chavez did almost nothing; landed one body shot late. Martinez wins round with busy jab and a few lefts. Feel out.

Michael: Rd. 2: Chavez clowned (indicating he can’t be hurt) and landed a few body shots. Still, he’s getting outworked.

Michael: Rd. 3: Easy fight to score. Martinez winning with his jab. So far, too fast and talented for Chavez. It’s early, though.

Michael: Rd. 4: That was a better round for Chavez, who picked up the pace. Still, Martinez is landing more and more obviously.

Michael: Rd. 5: Chavez did nothing. Not sure what the thought process is. Let Martinez wear himself out? Easy round to score.

Michael: Rd. 6: Better round for Chavez, who was more active, but he still took a lot of punishment. Close round.

Michael: Rd. 7: Dominating round for Martinez. Chavez did nothing until the final 30 seconds, when he scored. 7-0 or 6-1 in rds.

Michael: Rd. 8: Another one-sided round. Chavez landed a nice right but took 5 times as many punches as he landed. This is a rout.

Michael: Rd. 9: Ditto. Martinez is running away with the fight. Chavez looks lost in the center of the ring.

Michael: Rd. 10: Clash of heads. Another good round for Martinez, who landed big shots. Chavez is trying but is wearing down.

Michael: Rd. 11: Chavez had his moments but they were few. Martinez wins another round. Now we hope the judges get it right.

Michael: Rd. 12: Drama. The kid almost pulled it out. I have it 118-109 Martinez. Again, can’t assume the judges will get it right.

Michael: Rd. 12: Chavez put Martinez down with about a minute to go, hurting him badly. He barely survived.

Michael: Martinez wins 117-111, 118-109, 118-109. I had it 118-109.


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