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Wlodarczyk’s Promoter: We want big fights

Fresh off of successfully defending his WBC cruiserweight title in Poland this past weekend, the promoter of Krzysztof Wlodarczyk says he is looking for big money fights from here on out.

“We are looking for big fights, the best combination of big name and of course big money,” said Andrzej Wasilewski, president of the Poland-based promotional outfit 12 Round Knockout Promotions. “‘Diablo’ is 31 and we should start to think about money.

“There are some good names at cruiser, among them for example [Antonio] Tarver, [Jean Marc] Mormeck without titles or [Marco] Huck, Guillermo Jones or [RING champion Yoan Pablo] Hernandez.”

Wasilewski wouldn’t say which fight he was leaning towards pursuing but says he will try to get Wlodarczyk back in the ring by December.

Wlodarczyk (47-2-1, 33 knockouts) of Warsaw, Poland silenced critics by convincingly defeating crafty Floridian Francisco Palacios (21-2, 13 KOs) this past Saturday in in Wroclaw, Poland in a rematch of their controversial first fight last April. The scores were 116-112, 116-113 and 117-112, all to Wlodarczyk, who is rated no. 2 by THE RING at 200 pounds.

Both men had their moments controlling the bout in the earlier rounds until the tenth, when a stunning Wlodarczyk left hook reminiscent of the one he finished Danny Green off with wobbled Palacios, turning the tide for good.

“I have a lot of thinking to do about where I go next in boxing after this loss,” wrote Palacios afterward on his Facebook.

Wlodarczyk, who is now in his second title reign, has now defended his title four times successfully since winning it with an eighth-round knockout of Italian Giacobbe Fragomeni.

Prior to the Palacios bout, Wasilewski told THE RING that he had noticed a decline in the hunger of Wlodarczyk to remain a top fighter, a claim that he defends afterwards.

“We did our best to motivate him stronger, but I said the truth,” said Wasilewski.

“Our team wanted to wake his aggression up up, he was too gentle. ‘Diablo’ is modest man, he is a real sportsman. But a world champion cannot be sleepy, he must be sharp and hungry. His coach [Fiodor Lapin] and me, we know him perfect, we know what makes him angry.”

When asked what exactly makes Wlodarczyk angry, Wasilewski responded: “He has some ‘Achilles’ heels’ but it is our secret. What is fantastic with ‘Diablo’ is that he uses in fights 60 percent of his potential. We work on him to increase this percentage.”


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